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Tube 6AU6 or Röhre 6AU6 ID, Vacuum Pentode, MiniaturPin-Base B7G, USA and Oct – Manufacturers Literature RCA Data sheet. The thin glass tube envelope is 18 mm in diameter and excluding the B7G base pins the valve is 53 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type 6AU6 was first. The 6AU6 is an American design, here made by Mullard. The Mullard pins, is 47 mm tall. References: Datasheet &. Type 6AU6 was first introduced in

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Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide. Mar 16, at Post of Gold discovered in US tubes! Came across a fascinating document about the GE 5 Star tube program.

From a cursory reading these tubes were developed to be the ultimate in reliability for the airline industry, and yes, they feature gold or silver grids! So now my question: I am looking to buy the GE 6AU6 tubes that are top rated on this forum. Would they be even better sound wise? Mar 17, at datazheet And should the the 6AK5 setting, correct? Mar 17, at 1: Mar 17, at dtaasheet Mar 17, at 3: Mar 17, at 4: Does ruggedness in construction affect the 6ay6 That doesn’t necessarily mean they will sound better.


Tubes manufactured for portable military applications may not produce better audio quality. They were much more concerned with reliability then sound quality.


Then again, maybe better mechanical design will also produce better sound. Only one way to find out. If it’s ruggedized it might not sound better, but it’ll sound the way it does a lot longer than a standard version.

In addition, I also had a pair of 6AK5 ‘s tubes that sounded quite poor. It looks like the datashet age of tubes was in 50’s to 70’s, and for Russian tubes up to the fall of Communism; the consensus seems to be that Russki 70’s – to early 80’s tubes are the best. Re the gold grids in Russian datsheet The Voskhods I have from the 70’s sound different with the gold grid ones sounding more mellow.

6au6 as a triode

And yes, both pairs went through a grueling hour break in. Likewise, the 6N6P with gold grids sound nicer than the regular ones, and these are the power tubes I use. Good to know that the Russians copied us on the gold grid Mar 17, at 8: Mar 18, at It is my understanding that these are the best consumer tubes that RCA made, comparable to Sylvania’s Gold Brand I assume but no gold 6aj6.

First impressions but remember I have rusty ears and cheap gear! I will report 6aau6 later Mar 19, at All the many good words written about the As apply to these RCAs. They are very quiet, very musical and very enjoyable.


(Datasheet) 6AU6-A pdf – Pentode (1-page)

And it seems that RCA’s best consumer-grade tubes hold their own with the best of them. They will stay in my LD as my primary tubes until Mar 19, at 2: That said, I can easily hear differences between the various 6AK5s.

So I have to assume that any differences that might exist between these 6AU6s must be fairly subtle, requiring better ears and better gear than I have I bought my first full-sized budget headphones shortly thereafter.

I try to contribute dataeheet I can, but I am truly a freshman in the company of graduate students.

Mar 20, at Mar 20, at 5: Interestingly, these have a very open cage assembly compared to the 6AU6s, and in a dark room, they light up very nicely. First impressions, they look good and sound good. Mar 20, at 7: You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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