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In this course, you will learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system. All rights reserved. ix Course Overview AC old new R/3 system SAP system controlling Management Accounting SD Sales Order Management FI Financial. SAP AC – Profitability Analysis – EHP6 – (v – Col10 – Release) – Newest Added Sept SAP AC – Profit Center Accounting in New General .

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Performance figures are normally measurements of quantities, revenues, discounts, surcharges, product costs, margins, and period costs.

SAP – Profitability Analysis

It allows you to avoid differences due to different exchange rates and enables you to reconcile your CO-PA data directly with FI. For this purpose, you need to understand the operating concern, data structures, and segment level and non segment level characteristics.

The order reason field is blank. Integrated Planning Functions 15 Minutes Unit 6: In addition to the values imported through the manual mappings, valuation can import information that is off of the originating transaction as well. Data Structures Solution 3: Actual period costs S, G, and A for various organizational entities are to be reflected at the month-end.

Profitability Analysis

Similarly, it gives the option of re-evaluating the posted data. The characteristics are stored in the data division of the table, CE4xxxx. This field is populated from the customer master general data table.


All steps are executed from the top to the bottom. What is the check table for the Sales District characteristic? The job of the user is to define any characteristics required but not already available spa fixed characteristics.

The costing sheet combines calculated conditions and so called Base Conditions. Valuation Using a Product Cost Estimate A number of fundamental characteristics are automatically predefined in every operating concern.

Master Data A605 not known at the time of invoicing but are known only at the month-end when the invoices are ssp from the freight vendors. They may be combinations of product, customer, and sales structure information, and may encompass company code, business area, and profit center information, or both. Structures AC Task 2: If you enter 3 or 4 for the plan period indicator, the system reads the standard cost estimate valid on the given posting date or date of goods issue, regardless of what is stored in the material master.

We only changed the terminology in the course book, but not in the instructor handbook. First, explain the relationship between the various organizational units. By assigning a costing key, you control which cost estimate, standard, modified standard, or current cost estimate should be used in which case, depending on the material, material type, or any other combination of characteristics. Briefly demonstrate how to move through the report. The overview list contains all user-defined characteristics, default characteristics, and the characteristics selected from the reference tables.

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In the CO-PA settings menu, display all defined characteristics. The details view provides you with an overview of the delivered settings and of the modifications that you can make. An example could be that the sales district,is added in the SD module, and a posting is made to the sales district.

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In the data structures of the operating concern, determine which of the following items are value fields, non-fixed characteristics, fixed delivered characteristics, and technical fields: Data Structures of the Operating Concern Your sales manager has asked you to check which of the following characteristics are active for the operating concern: The required field in that table is mapped to a CO-PA characteristic.

Also used for cross-references to other documentation both internal in this documentation and external in other locations, such as SAPNet. Profitability Management AC The method of determining period operating results in Profitability Analysis is based on the assumption that the success of a company can be measured primarily on the basis of its transactions with other companies.

Today Choose Enter Customer: As most customers use costing-based CO-PA while using the account-based approach either additionally or not at all, this course focuses on the costing-based approach.

Should the system post anyway or issue an error message to the user? In a standard, manufacturing, costing environment, the breakdown into fixed and variable standards may be important when analyzing profitability.