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Search: Bedienungsanleitung fC3BCr die AEG CaFamosa CF in our database for free. Click to go to view Bedienungsanleitung fC3BCr die AEG CaFamosa.

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Remove any foreign bodies from the coffee beans. Push the drip tray in, until it engages on the right under the water tank Fig.

Before putting beans into the coffee machine for the first time, you can set the grinding texture once with the grinder stationary. Descal- ing tablets can be obtained from your dealer E-No. Failure to do this can lead to damage cafaosa the grinder.

Do not exceed the maximum fill level of 1. The cleaning process lasts around 8 minutes and must not be inter- rupted.

AEG-Electrolux Cafamosa CF 250 manual

On this page you can get: This is shown by all the indicator lights coming on Fig. This provision 0 also applies if the cleaning and descaling programs are not run in accordance with the instructions in this manual, immediately after illumination of the “Clean” key Fig.

The time the water is in contact with the ground coffee is considerably less for espresso coffee than conventional filter coffee. All the coffee quantity indi- cator lights come on Fig. Lassen Sie die Taste los. Reassemble the two parts.


AEG CaFamosa CF 85

Faulty repairs can result in considerable hazard to the user. Never put water in the coffee bean container, as this would damage the grinder.

Using the grinding texture adjustment Fig. No pink bands or one pink band: Fill the water tank with cold water.

Use warm water to clean any coffee residues from both parts.

Tee oder Fertigsuppen benutzt werden. Turn the service lever to close the coffee-making unit. Do not use frozen beans. Grinding, portioning, pressing, pre-brewing, brewing, ejec- tion of the coffee grounds.

Aeg cafamosa manual – Google Docs

The selected value is now saved. Clean the coffee-making unit and adjust the grinding texture.

Push the latching lever up. The water flows out into the drip tray. If this file was helpful. The time the water is in contact with the ground coffee is considerably less for espresso coffee than conventional filter coffee. If the coffee machine is used incor- rectly, or ccf a purpose other than its intended purpose, we cannot accept any liability for damage caused or any guarantee claims. The “Coffee machine heating” indicator Fig. Push the Release catch for removing grinding ring Fig.


Repairs to electrical appliances must be 2. Following a short pause, the actual brewing process commences. The cup measures are indicated as follows: If you live in Germany, please call our Order Hotline Tel.

PDF Click to preview. Die Kaffeetemperaturstufen werden wie folgt angezeigt: The coffee quantity is now saved. Coffee powder, which is too fine, can lead to blockages. If your coffee cafamoss or your taste change, you can easily change the cup measure s to your new requirements, whenever you want. Use suitable milk — Blocked steam nozzle. The indicator flashes for around 1 minute each time the machine is switched off, as a reminder to do this. Determining water hardness 0 Dip the test strip in cold water for around 1 second.

This can influence the first cup of coffee. Now turn the bean container anticlockwise to one of the two other positions. The three red elements are used for latch- ing and unlatching.

Otherwise the coffee machine could be damaged.