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Fish Story, Sekula’s magnum opus, underscores photography’s role in labor history and in working class responses to globalization. The project has seven. First published in , Allan Sekula’s Fish Story is regarded as a seminal early critique of global capitalism and landmark body of work that challenged. Fish Story [Allan Sekula] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Allan Sekula: Fish Story

Above all, this means to recognise the inherent contradictions of a complex and continuously changing world-system, and indeed to insist on contradiction as the very locus of change. Buchloh, in Sekulap. If you would like to reproduce text from a MoMA publication or moma.

The conveniences of a raised standard of living and the twin impositions of Fordist work and leisure are here inseparable. Canadian Notesa reflection on Canada, its industrial economy, and its fraught relationship with its more powerful neighbour.

In its complete exhibition form, first shown in —6 in the port cities Rotterdam, Stockholm, Glasgow and Calais, Fish Story consisted of colour photographs organised as seven chapters, or sequences, that were interspersed with twenty-six text panels across a number of rooms. Nudging the view a little to the right, the second image reveals a pocket of urban dereliction just across the river, shielded from the museum by a row of apartments.

She served as a key assistant to Allan Sekula during the last decade of his life, and particularly as German liaison for his work at documenta XII. Allan Sekula — was a renowned photographer, filmmaker, theorist, photography historian and critic. A key issue in Fish Story is the connection between containerized cargo movement and the growing internationalization of the world industrial economy, with its effects on the actual social space of ports.

ICA | On Allan Sekula’s Fish Story

This paper is a revised version of an article originally published in immediationsDecemberpp. Two Years After Closing. The Forgotten Space 23 Apr29 May Fish Story was his third project in a related cycle of works that deal with the imaginary and actual geography of the advanced capitalistic seula.

The most significant economic shift in the recent past for Fish Story had been the collapse of the Eastern Bloc at the start of the s, and Sekula has suggested this as the overriding impetus for his six-year project, whose scope is matched only by the newfound reach of capitalist market forces around the globe from this time forward, for which the expansiveness of the oceans serves as a fitting aloan, and their navigation an equally apt metonym.


For allah motion picture film footage it is advised to apply directly to the copyright holders.

Production in View: Allan Sekula’s Fish Story and the Thawing of Postmodernism – Tate Papers | Tate

Dismal Science and Walking on Water. Sekula, in Risbergp.

The exhibition in Witte de With consisted of 7 sequences or chapters, incorporating framed color photographs: Her book lalan the politics stort shipping, Sinews of War and Tradewill be published by Verso in From —, Sekula spent seven years a,lan harbours and major port cities around the world. Tate Papers ISSN is a peer-reviewed research journal that publishes articles on British and modern international art, and on museum practice today. Allan Sekula, Fish Story Are there broader lessons to aklan drawn from this disappearance?

All requests to license audio sekupa video footage produced by MoMA should be addressed to Scala Archives at firenze scalarchives. However, if the reflex of contemporary consumer society in the global North is to foster a romanticised vision of industrial labour consigned to an imaginary past, this may be as refuge from the urgent pressures of the present. While commodity chains have proliferated exponentially, their links have become both more numerous and more fragile as a result of such trends as the dissociation of brand ownership from sekhla ownership, and the relocation of factory work to ad hocclandestine Export Processing Zones in the global South as well as subterranean sweatshops in the North.

Gallery label from XL: I would like to thank the editorial team of immediations sskula permission to republish the article, and Simon Baker, Sarah James, Sara Knelman, Julian Stallabrass and my anonymous reviewers for their invaluable feedback on earlier versions of the text, as well as Christopher Griffin and Jennifer Mundy at Tate Papers.

Contemporary Art from the Collection March 8— April 111 other work identified. The whole ensemble was later exhibited at the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, inand then at Documenta 11 incurated by Okwui Enwezor, where it appeared considerably less isolated than at the Whitney Biennial nine years earlier, taking its place among a large number of photographic and documentary film works.

Witte de With Contemporary Art.

Allan Sekula — Fish Story

Fisn is both a world system and a process without agency. Social Suffering in Contemporary Societytrans. In sum, the admittance of contingency and subjectivity are integral to the critical realism of Fish Story. It shows the Staten Island Ferry binoculars, minus the boy, directed through the window of the deck towards another ship in the hazy middle distance, the metallic sheen of the casing reflected in the same window back towards the viewer.


Most importantly, it would seem that, in any attempt to portray global capitalism, a xtory of detachment and reification will be heightened by the sheer invisibility of the systemic. The successive chapters of Fish Story were shown individually in various locations as they were completed, but it was the exhibition of two chapters at the Whitney Biennial in New York that put the project under the international spotlight for the first time. More information is also available about the film collection and the Circulating Film and Video Library.

Allan Sekula Fish Story — Chapter 8: There are microscopic close-ups as well as panoramas and, between the two, there are highly detailed and carefully composed views of a variety of oceanic, coastal, factory and shipyard scenes. Completed between andthe third instalment of this trilogy, the exhibition and book project Sekulx Story fig.

Though there is a long artistic tradition of depicting harbors, ships and coastlines, few contemporary artists are continuing it. Not merely because of its placement, the very first image stort Fish Story as a whole, in fact, provokes just such an attempt fig. The first and fourth chapters demonstrate most clearly that geography is an organising principle of the seven photographic sequences, and it is on the basis of this identification in particular that the viewer is encouraged to draw such parallels as that between Northern industrial decline and Southern industrial development, and thence to draw further local parallels within and across the chapters.

Courtesy Estate of Allan Sekula. Acknowledgements This paper is a revised version of an article originally published in immediationsDecemberpp. Tourism itself and, by extension, the rise of the service industries in general cannot xllan, nor can the touristic view disguise, the impoverishment of post-industrial decline, of which evidence abounds in Fish Storyfrom the scavengers of Los Angeles harbour to the storyy queues of a Gdansk unemployment office.

See Gerti Fietzek ed. Since its conception, Sekula sought to build the project cumulatively, exhibiting and publishing Fish Story sttory a work in progress.

Jeroen Verbeeck is a Ph.