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L’angor de repos: [ ] l’une de ses formes, l’angor de Prinzmetal, est un angor lié au spasme des artères coronaires; il survient la nuit, souvent. Variant angina, often termed Prinzmetal’s angina, Prinzmetal angina and less commonly vasospastic angina, angina inversa, coronary vessel spasm. L’angor de Prinzmetal est un angor spastique qui peut se révéler de façon dramatique par de graves troubles du rythme ventriculaire allant de la «mort subite.

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The prognosis is good when there is no significant coronary artery stenosis. They are also tested by ECG which may suggest variant angina if it shows elevations in the ST segment or an elevated ST segment plus a widening of the R wave during symptoms that are prinzmftal by a provocative agent e.

Prinzmetal angina is a clinical-electrocardiographic syndrome characterized by attacks of angina pectoris unrelated to exercise and occurring frequently after meals or during the night. American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs: The mechanism that causes such intense vasospasm, as to cause a clinically significant narrowing of the coronary arteries is so far unknown, but there are three relevant hypotheses:.

In contrast to patients with angina pectoris secondary to coronary artery atherosclerosis, people with variant angina are generally younger and have fewer risk factors for coronary artery disease except for smokingwhich is a common and very significant risk factor for both types prinzmettal angina. These attacks were triggered by exercise or other forms of exertion and relieved by rest and nitroglycerin. An International Journal of Pathology.

Uses authors parameter Infobox medical condition new. For a portion of patients, variant angina may be a manifestation of a more generalized episodic smooth muscle -contractile disorder such as migraineRaynaud’s phenomenonor aspirin-induced asthma.


One strategy to avoid this development is to schedule nitroglycerin-free periods of between d to 14 hours between doses of long-acting nitroglycerin formulations. Access to the PDF text.

Prinzmetal’s angina.

FAQ Frequently asked questions Display options. Some key features of variant angina are chest pain that is concurrently associated with elevations in the ST segment on electrocardiography recordings, that often occurs during the late evening or early morning hours in individuals who are at rest, doing non-strenuous activities, or asleep, and that is not associated with permanent occlusions of their coronary vessels.

In addition, hyperventilation and virtually any stressful emotional or physical e. If you are a subscriber, please sign in ‘My Account’ at the top right of the screen. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The diagnosis is made by observing transient ST-segment elevation during the attack of angina.

The most sensitive and specific test for PVA is the administration of ergonovine intravenously. Accordingly, individuals with variant angina should be intermittently evaluated for this using long-term ambulatory cardiac monitoring.

Prinzmetal’s angina, often referred to as “variant” angina, is a temporary increase in coronary vascular tone vasospasm causing a marked, but transient reduction in luminal diameter. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Coronary Artery Disease Chapter.

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Cardiac examination of individuals with variant angina is usually normal in the absence of current symptoms. Calcium channel blockers of the dihydropyridine class e. Some individuals with otherwise typical variant angina may show depressions, rather than elevations in the ST segments of their Angpr during angina pain; they may also show new U waves on ECGs during angina attacks.

Patients are predominantly younger women who may not have the classical cardiovascular risk factors except for cigarette use. Numerous methods are angpr to avoid attacks of variant angina. In which subject field?

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Bypass Surgery for Prinzmetal Angina | JAMA Internal Medicine | JAMA Network

It frequently is associated with transient ST-segment elevation. In addition, aspirin should be used with caution and at low doses since at high doses it inhibits the production of the naturally occurring vasodilator, prostacyclin. Individuals with certain severe complications of variant angina require immediate therapy.

Prinzmetals angina pectorisVariantangina. Prinzmetal variant angina, Sudden death, Coronarography. Related Bing Images Extra: Angina pectoris Prinzmetal’s angina Stable angina Acute coronary syndrome Myocardial infarction Unstable angina.

Treatment of the Kounis syndrome very much differs from that for variant angina. Treatment of associated coronary atherosclerosis in elderly patients with PVA is advised. Search Bing for all related images. However, coronary stenting is contraindicated in drug- refractory individuals who do not have significant organic occlusion of their coronary arteries. Spasm of the large- or medium-sized coronary arteries.

Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, and more. A variant form of angina pectoris caused by coronary artery vasospasm, usually occurring spontaneously and frequently associated with ST segment elevation.

And, they should avoid any of the recreational and therapeutic drugs listed in the above Signs and symptoms sects as well as blockers of beta receptorssuch as propranololwhich, theoretically, may worsen vasospasm by inhibiting Beta-2 adrenergic receptor vasodilation mediated by these receptors naturally occurring stimulator, epinephrine.

Individuals with variant angina my have many undocumented episodes of symptom-free coronary artery spasm that are associated with poor blood flow to portions of the heart and subsequent irregular and potentially serious heart arrhythmias. Documentation by coronary arteriography”.