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Pan Afr Med J. Jan 8; doi: /pamj eCollection [Appendicular plastron: emergency or deferred surgery: a series of. After successful nonsurgical treatment of an appendiceal mass, the true diagnosis is uncertain in some cases and an underlying diagnosis of cancer or Crohn’s. mechanisms and form an inflammatory phlegmon Complicated appendicitis was used to describe a palpable appendiceal mass, phlegmon.

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Click on image for details. Early laparoscopic management of appendicular mass in children: Still a taboo, or time for a change in surgical philosophy?

None, Conflict of Interest: Early appendicectomy has been found to be a safe and better alternative for management of appendicular mass in various studies in adults, while very few studies report such advantages in the paediatric population.

We conducted this study to assess the safety, efficacy and need of early laparoscopic appendicectomy ELA in child patients with appendicular mass.

All patients with appendicular mass who underwent ELA at our institute between September and August were retrospectively reviewed.


Appendicular mass was defined as a right iliac fossa mass in a case of acute appendicitis, diagnosed by clinical, laboratory and radiological evaluation, and palpation under anaesthesia, the patient being subjected to laparoscopic treatment. Forty-eight 48 patients were confirmed to have appendicular mass intraoperatively and were included in the analysis.

[Medical and/or surgical treatment of appendicular mass and appendicular abscess in children].

There were 30 males and 18 females, with ages ranging years mean 9 years. In appendiclar present study, appendicular complications included appendicular abscess The average operative time was 72 min range min.

Post-operative complications were found in 4 7. This approach is associated with minimal complications in experienced hands and is a safe and feasible option in children with appendicular mass.

Appendicular abscess | Radiology Reference Article |

Immediate appendectomy for appendiceal mass. Ulus Travma Acil Cerrahi Derg ; Early vs interval appendectomy for children with perforated appendicitis. Comparative evaluation of conservative management versus early surgical intervention in appendiceal mass — a clinical study.

J Indian Med Assoc ; Laparoscopic management of appendicular mass. J Minim Access Surg ;7: Is appendicularr laparoscopic appendectomy feasible in children with acute appendicitis presenting with an appendiceal mass?


Treatment options of inflammatory appendiceal masses in adults

J Pediatr Surg ; Complicated appendicitis in children: Is laparoscopic appendectomy appropriate? A comparative study with the open appendectomy–our experience. World J Gastroenterol ; Management of appendiceal mass: J Gastrointest Surg ; Interval laparoscopic appendectomy in children.

Do we know how to treat it? Ann R Coll Surg Engl ; Routine interval appendectomy is not justified after initial nonoperative treatment of acute appendicitis.

Comparison of laparoscopic, open, and converted appendectomy for perforated appendicitis. Laparoscopy in children with complicated appendicitis. Outcomes after laparoscopic treatment of complicated versus uncomplicated acute appendicitis: A prospective, comparative trial.

Early laparoscopic appendectomy for appendicular mass. How to cite this article: Still a taboo, or time for a change in surgical philosophy?. J Min Access Surg ; How to cite this URL: Table showing laparoscopy fi ndings, operative diffi culties and complications Click here to view.

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