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Fundamentals of Flight: Field Manual FM Department of the Army. Published by Dept. of the Army Washington, DC (). Used. Quantity Available. This is the current official army U.S. Army Field Manual, unchanged since this edition completed 7th May Field manual (FM) presents information. Headquarters, Department of the Army Field Manual . *This publication supersedes FM , 23 February ; FM , 03 October.

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Archived from the original txt on 25 May The pitch attitude of the helicopter should be approximately level as shown by the attitude mnual.

In some installations, the azimuth card is a remote indicating compass; however, in others the heading must be checked occasionally against the magnetic compass and reset.

Multiengine propeller-driven airplanes also use differential power to maintain direction. If, while flying on this easterly heading, the aircraft decelerates, inertia causes the weight to move ahead and the card rotates toward the south until the speed again stabilizes. Standard wind drift correction Do not make abrupt control movements in response to the lagging indications on the performance instruments without first checking the control instruments.

Descent on the inbound leg Rotary Wing Instrument Flight Maneuvers If airspeed mmanual higher than descending airspeed and a constant-airspeed descent at the descending airspeed is required, reduce power to the descending power setting and maintain a constant altitude using 30 April FM Figurepageshows an altimeter with a failed encoder displayed by a red blocked code off between the 8 and 9 on the altimeter.


Precession errors can be detected quickly by cross-checking other pitch instruments. UH vertical situation indicator FM If the altitude and airspeed are feet and 10 knots above that desired, reduce power and lower the pitch attitude.

Gallons and pounds conversion Pitch control in level flight is a question of cross-check and interpretation of the instrument panel for the instrument information that will enable visualization and control of pitch attitude. The range of the scale is from Aircrew manuall warn that airspeed indications should be considered unreliable when forward airspeed is less than 25 to 40 knots depending upon aircraft size and weight.

AR requires a magnetic compass for all flights. To enter a constant-airspeed climb from cruise airspeed when climb speed is lower than cruise speed, simultaneously increase power to the climb power setting and adjust srmy attitude to the approximate climb attitude.

Parallel and simultaneous instrument landing system approaches Important navigation instruments are the magnetic compass, slaved gyro arjy system, heading indicator, airspeed indicator, and altimeter.

Army Field Manual FM 1-203, Fundamentals Of Flight

Cross-check the airspeed indicator and ball to sustain airspeed and pedal trim. Bank angles greater than a standard rate turn require more skill and precision. Fielld maintain level flight, use the VSI with the altimeter and attitude indicator. The error is proportional to the difference between actual and ISA temperature and the height of the aircraft above the altimeter setting source. Before performing timed turns, the turn coordinator must be calibrated to determine the accuracy of its indications.

  ASTM D1321 PDF

Performance is determined by referencing the fild indicator, turn-and-slip indicator, heading indicator, altimeter, and VSI Figurebold dashed boxes.

United States Army Field Manuals

After initiating a heading correction, aviators tend to become preoccupied with bank control and fail to notice a pitch error; likewise, during an airspeed change, unnecessary gazing at the power instrument is common.

The 10 degrees west is subtracted from the MH degreesand this figure degrees is the TH. The slaving control and compensator unit has a push button, providing a means of selecting either the slaved gyro or free gyro mode. Use a bank angle that approximates the degree to turn up to a standard rate turn try not to exceed 30 degrees. As discussed previously, the bank angle necessary for a given turn rate is proportional to the TAS.

Descent at the holding fix When the helicopter is about level, the heading indicator is primary for bank as in straight-and-level flight.

Army Field Manual FM , Fundamentals Of Flight – PPRuNe Forums

Figures from this card are applied to the indications of the compass so that a desired heading may be flown. To fly a helicopter by instrument reference, knowledge of the approximate power settings is required for that particular helicopter in various load configurations and flight conditions. Any deviation from straight flight resulting from bank error should be corrected by coordinated aileron and rudder pressure.