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ARTEP DRILL. CHAPTER 1. Battle Drill Training. General. The goal of training is to produce combat ready units that respond to. Published version expected to field by end of June 88 ARTEP MTP, Supersedes drills in FMs , , , and ARTEP 2-Drill. ARTEP DRILLARMY TRAINING AND EVALUATON PROGRAM No. DRILL Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC.

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Government agencies only to protect technical operational information from automatic dissemination under the International Exchange Program or by other means.

Conservation adtep the Army’s intent to preserve the natural and cultural resources under its care. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library at www.

Tough, realistic, and intellectually and physically challenging training excites and motivates Soldiers and leaders. Soldiers occupy hasty fighting positions as designated by the leader.

The action is vital to success in combat or critical to preserving life. Ensure Soldiers observe environmental protection standards.

Warrior Battle Drills have the following advantages: It describes a training method for small units. Dismounted – Drull immediately seek the best available cover. Accept no unnecessary risks. Implement controls by integrating them into plans, orders, standing operating procedures SOPstraining performance standards, and rehearsals.


Soldiers not in the kill zone identify the enemy location, place wellaimed suppressive fire on the enemy’s position and shift fire as Soldiers assault the objective. The drivers move their vehicles to the designated dismount point seeking the best cover and concealment available.

Training must conform to Army doctrine.

Artep 7 1 Drill

Training must be tough, realistic, and ratep. The leaders visually or orally check the status of their Soldiers and vehicles. Dismount a Vehicle D Designated Soldiers move to the vehicle to treat and evacuate the casualty. If cover is available, without order or signal, occupy the nearest covered position, and throw smoke grenades.

Artep 7 1 Drill – [PDF Document]

With coil binding, you can fold the book open and lay it flay on the table if desired. The Army expects Soldiers to obey local, state, arttep, and host-nation HN environmental requirements. Soldier s who recognize or are alerted to chemical attack don protective mask IAW published standards and give the alarm.

Gunners in the base-of-fire vehicles continue to engage the enemy. Unit leaders must continuously perform a risk assessment of conditions in which training is conducted to prevent the unnecessary loss of Soldiers and equipment.


All other Soldiers mask and pass on the alarm. FMOperations, and supporting doctrinal manuals describe common procedures and uniform operational methods xrtep permit leaders and organizations to rapidly adjust to changing situations.

ARTEP 7-90, Drills for the Inf Mortar Plt, Sect, and Sq

Soldiers assume MOPP4 within eight minutes. Post on Apr views. React to Ambush Far D Soldiers assault through and destroy the enemy position.

Use the following when developing training: This protection applies to publications required solely for official use and to those containing valuable technical or operational information.

All or part of the unit is receiving accurate enemy direct fire. Are the Soldiers fatigued?

Soldiers immediately assume the prone position or move to immediate available cover during initial impacts.