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Important Case decided By SC. P L D Supreme Court Present: Hamoodur Rahman, C. J., Muhammad Yaqub Ali, Sajjad Ahmad, Waheeduddin Ahmad. There have been a lot of important and leading cases in the history of Pakistan. Asma Jilani vs Government of the Punjab case is one of them. What is the grudge-Nazi informer case? • Riggs v Palmer, Re Sigsworth case. • Kelson in Pakistani courts??? • Dosso v. State,. • Asma Jilani v. The Government .

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If the argument is valid that the proclamation of the Martial Law by itself leads to the complete jilsni of the legal order, then the armed forces do not assist the state in suppressing disorder but actually create further disorder, by disrupting the entire legal order of the state. Following are the Principles of law or Rule of law.

The Court would not also condone anything which seriously impairs jolani rights of the citizens except in so far as they may be designed to advance the social welfare and national solidarity. Nevertheless, even in such cases the degree of freedom given to the military to exercise force has varied with the circumstances of each case. The said dissolution order was challenged.

The result which follows from this conclusion is that both the detentions were, in my view, illegal and the High Court should have declared the amsa orders of detention to be void and of no legal effect. If it arises at all it arises under the Presidential Order No.

Asma Jilani Jahanghir (Member 1952-2018)

Justices of the Supreme Court by court by seat by time in office List of Chief Justices by time in office Cass nominations Unsuccessful nominations Court demographics.

It was not even a revolution or a military coup d’etat in any sense of those terms. The judiciary has a pivotal role in the development of law. Other countries Law Portal Pakistan.


Where then, it is said, was “the essential condition” for the recognition of the change? We have also discovered that no set practice was followed during this period for even Ordinances were made in the purported exercise of powers under the Proclamation and all other jilain vested in that behalf in the President and the Chief Martial Cade Administrator and were signed by the person concerned under the description of “President and Chief Martial Law Administrator”.

This case was followed by the interim Constitution of and then by the permanent constitution of It would be paradoxical indeed if such a result could flow from the invocation in the aid of a State of an agency set up and maintained by the State itself for its own protection from external invasion and internal disorder.

It is a statement of law by Mr. If the question of the vires of the Laws Continuance in.

List of cases of the Supreme Court of Pakistan

I would not also condone anything asna seriously impairs the rights of the citizens except in so far as they may be designed to advance the social welfare and national solidarity. This provision, as very appropriately pointed out by Mr. Martial Law could not have arisen in the circumstances.

Log In Sign Up. This Constitution was framed by jllani and came into operation from the 7th of June The learned Chief Justice was, therefore, clear about the legal status of the Chief Administrator of Martial Law and since his interpretation was accepted the Order of was issued In the name of the President.

Therefore, Martial law was never superior to the Constitution. Leave was granted by a Bench of this Court sitting at Karachi on the 24th of Februaryas the petition for leave to appeal raised the same questions of law which had been raised in the petition filed by the daughter of Malik Ghulam Jilani, and the appeal was ordered to be heard at Lahore by the Full Court Along with the appeal in the case of Malik Ghulam Jilani.


No municipal Court will, therefore, rely on it as a rule. This is a right which has consistently been claimed by this and other Courts of superior jurisdiction in all civilised countries and it is on the basis of this very right that this Court jilabi went into the question of the validity of the Martial Law in Dosso’s case.

In the present day context the Legislative Assemblies comprising of chosen representatives of the people perform this function.

It was too early yet to hazard even a guess as to its efficacy. The Assembly has also, it is said, ratified an interim Constitution. White 7 Wallace ; Horn v.

Posted by aaticheema at Pakistan and assume the powers of the Chief Martial Law Administrator. That constitution is no longer in force; it is replaced by a new constitution which is not the result of a constitutional alteration of the former.

But asms it necessary for him to define law?

ASC Law Forum: Case Law Asma Jilani vs Federation of Pakistan PLD

They can only do so if a litigant raises the controversy in a concrete form, as it has now been done before us. I come now to the Martial Law Regulation No.

The official description of the legislative measure is, therefore, the only safe indication available of its true nature. The office of President was reintroduced by clause 2 of the same Article in the following terms: It must be this type of constitution from which the norms of the new legal order jjlani derive their validity. It was held in this appeal that principles, which fase laid down in State vs Dosso, were not justified.