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BESṬĀMĪ (Basṭāmī), BĀYAZĪD (Abū Yazīd Ṭayfūr b. ʿĪsā b. Sorūšān; d. / or /), early Muslim mystic of Iran. A descendant of a Zoroastrian family . Bayazid Bastami, a Persian Sufi of the ninth century, was among one of the greatest Sufis of all time. His father was a Zoroastrian and had high position in. Bayazid Bastami Before Al-Bistami, Sufism was mainly based on piety and obedience. He played a major role in placing the concept of divine love at the core of.

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Every time he had a Divine revelation, he fasten a zunar a Sufi belt and he had over seventy zunar.

BESṬĀMĪ, BĀYAZĪD – Encyclopaedia Iranica

Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online. There is no written book left from Bayazid and we can read about him and his words in Tazkerat-al Olia by Sheikh Fariddedin Athar. Oh, Allah, this is how I see myself.

There is some debate over his exact resting place, but this disagreement demonstrates that the love of humans is limited by envy, unlike the love of the Almighty. Bastami’s predecessor Dhul-Nun al-Misri d. I confess that I am shameful, I have nothing, You are the One who has given me all this fortune. For the Kharijite of the Berber tribe, see Abu Yazid.


When Bayazid died, he was over seventy years old. This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat I forgot that dream but at night I saw in my dream who said: Wikipedia has an article baayazid CE was a murid “initiate” as well. Knysh; Muhammad Eissa, ed. Suddenly I had a vision; I saw an illuminated silhouette. I got rid of my veils only four years ago.

It takes more than two hundred years until a flower such as I grows in the garden of the universe. He is no longer creature and servant of God: Before he died, someone asked him his age.

For seventy years, I was veiled. The name Bastami means “from Bastam”.

If a person does not have anyone of these, he better off death. It was a cold night. As soon as this thought came bayaazid my mind, I packed up and went to Khorasan. Idem, Das Meer der SeeleLeiden, Historical evidence for his life is sparse.

Encyclopædia Iranica

When the time of his passing was close, he went to the altar, put on one zunar, an old reversed rob, backward hat and said: A pivot of the south-eastern Silk Road? Tholuck, Ssufismus sive theosophia persarum pantheisticaBerlin, Nevertheless, Islamic scholars usually attribute the tomb to Bayazid.


Omphaloskepsis,p. Bayazid died in the year of hijrat Until one day when I thought I was the greatest among great learned. Bastami’s predecessor Dhul-Nun al-Misri d.

Uwaiysi Tarighat: Featured Article

In other projects Wikiquote. Massignon questioned bayazkd conclusion in and A. Like his father and uncles, Bayazid led a life of asceticism and renounced all worldly pleasures in order to be one with Allah The Exalted.

Bayazid’s grandfather was a Zoroastrian who converted to Islam. National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh Second ed.