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Broadcom’s existing GPS solutions, the BCM and BCM, enabling rapid adoption while accelerating time- to-market. r. The processing. BCM datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. The IQXT employs an analogue ASIC for the oscillator and a high order temperature compensation circuit in a x. mm size package.

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The main problem with battery life appears to be caused by the Windows ActiveSync software continually trying to make PC contact. The battery life can be a problem. It is not configured to estimate a point with the coordinates of last one evaluated with speed and azimuth. It is the bcmm4750 GPS position stored and not the displayed one!!

Thus, it assumes pedestrian motion, and records a position every 15 seconds or so. Datsaheet predecessor to the N, this device deosn’t have a GPS. You get a binary format which is described by Jonas Svenssonthat page also includes a plain converter.

More info at Holux’s site — LeedsTracker Views Read View source View history. It is about 4. Generally it take a few minutes to initialize cbm4750 fixing a new position and a few more to get on DGPS.

But for simple rural roads it works well.

FR:GPS device reviews

Geotagging is also provided, with bcm475 possibility to quickly associate names to tagged positions. I nice little unit, seems to work quite well. To make it run under Linux, just compile your kernel with support for pl serial-to-usb as a module or into kernelthen everything should be fine with GPSd. Logging format not clear.


Dattasheet you just want to log your track, look at Beeline GPS software – its inexpensive and includes a lot of useful geo-caching functions for quick annotation. Time to lock, and typical accuracy are very good when AGPS is used can be a bit tempramental without it.

Qualcomm | The CPU Shack Museum

Alternatively it can log to NMEA. The Mio software also seems to be a bit of a battery hog. Unfortunately all SD cards in the image did not work on both two of these devices I had ordered. Retrieved from ” http: Blumax receivers can be used with any mobile phone supporting J2ME and bluetooth using mobiletrailexplorer.

So you can get a submetric precision. Search here for the section [GPS]. Nokia N is sold as an “Internet Tablet”. You can have long journey with it thanks to his panel and its good battery Receiver should be up to 3 meters away. I haven’t tried this – Bluetooth is fine for me. This small device works well with PCs and Mobile Phones. It is also completely waterproof once, i’ve forgotten it, and after being covered by 5 centimeters snow for a few hours, it still works.

The battery is easy to replace though, is the same as in many Nokia phones, and can be charged via USB. To fix this, follow this link: The Neo was the first cellular phone developed to run a OpenSource operating-system. Letting it run out of battery charge didn’t work. Adapt now has its own page.

The good news is that this device is perfectly working with linux using the BT tool.

Broadcom Corporation – BCM4750 – Single-Chip AGPS Solution

Battery life is bcj4750 least several hours of continual operation. Works well with laptops. Might be the same device as Transystem i-Blue The speech capabilities of MrGPS allow real-time hands-free assistance.


No specific drivers needed, daatasheet with gpsd Linux. So be careful with long trips! See also the handhelds. When this option is enabled, the device will save. However, if ratasheet are using audio notes recommended, see belowthe device can record these for you as well, so you don’t need bcm4705 separate dictaphone. In more open areas it seems quite good and the small size is good.

Not sure if it would be possible while wearing very thick gloves eg ski-gloves. Some further Linux information is at NaviLink for Linux. The MMCE is more dedicated for static mapping than for kinetic mapping. The same card had been working fine in a digital camera so perhaps the NaviGPS is a little fussy about the formatting of the card that’s probably because the NaviGPS expects the card to be formatted without a partition table and will not use the card if it contains one.

All logs are stored in the Windows folder From MN 6.

Once the unit warms up minutesit will find and hold lock with clear skys with ease. Stops working on low temperature.

It is an excellent software for data-logging and much more. GPX’ with 2 second positons although missing elevation info. It became available for sale in May