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He was the Bloodthirster who acted as a general against the rest of the could leave a game unbalanced in the old Warhammer Fantasy rules. Bloodthirster – Greater Daemon of Khorne. £ Quantity: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Share Temporarily out of stock. Description; Rules; Downloads; Delivery; Returns . A place for collecting assembly instructions for Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40K. Please be courteous and follow the rules.

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There are few things quite as terrifying in the Warhammer universe as the gods of Chaos. Each one has their own philosophies and monstrosities that make them forces of evil and forces of reckoning. Each of the gods has their own power, thirst, and want for destruction – each with their own abilities and beasts to bring forth upon the Mortal Realms. From Nurgle to Slaanesh, the gods are the essence of chaos themselves.

They are what the darkness of the universe is made out of. None of the gods of Chaos are quite as tough as Khorne. Where they are bloodtjirster poison, lust, and dark magic – Khorne is about pain. Khorne is the Lord of Murder and the Hunter of Souls. Khorne is the Blood God. If you say Khorne, however, there are one of two things that come to mind. The first seems to be the Lords of Khorne, who ride bloodghirster Juggernauts into battle.

Characters like the Skaar Bloodwrath epitomise Chaos in such a way that just looking at them can strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

The second thing, however, is something far more terrifying. The second thing is Bloodthirsters. Bloodthirsters bloodhirster greater daemons of Chaos, servants only to the Hunter of Souls himself. They carry their own effigies and titles, known as the Drinkers of Blood, Eaters of Gore and Flesh yumand the very Fists of Khorne themselves.

Bloodthirsters are huge, painful, and come with a vengeance whenever they are played on the battlefield. When is a Bloodthirster just a Bloodthirster? Well, it turns out not that often.

Within the Warhammer Bloodthirsted of Sigmar Mortal Realms there are three different types rulee Bloodthirster and one named character. The character, to deal with him bloodthifster, is Skarbrand the Exiled One, the Wrathful Reaper, the Drinker of Bloodtnirster who has one heck of a cool backstory.

He was the Bloodthirster who acted as a general against the rest of the Chaos gods in the Warhammer universe. The story of Skarbrand goes further, saying that he grew proud of his achievements and restless of Khorne, so much so that the Bloodthirster decided to turn his attention to Khorne, attacking the Lord of Murder head on.

New Bloodthirster details – MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

Now he is destined to roam the Mortal Realms or be summoned, you know During the End Times, another three Bloodthirster hosts were established. These were not one off Bloodthirsters, but instead they were groups, all with a different side of the same dice. They were all based around causing damage and pain, but all in slightly different ways.

These were the Bloodthirsters of Unfettered Fury, who were the most skilled warriors out of all the Bloodthirsters. The Bloodthirsters of Unfettered Fury were designed to be masters of war, carving up battlefields like using an electric carving knife on jelly.

Next, were the Bloodthirsters of Insensate Rage, who were the most fearsome. They left a trail of terror in their wake, and broke minds as well as breaking bodies. They are bound by anger, wielding axes that can dwarf even the Greenskin Gargants. Finally, there are the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirsters, who are different to the others because they are the demonic hunters, and love nothing more than the thrill of the chase and will stop at nothing to get their prey.


The Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirsters bear some physical similarities to Flesh Hounds and Karanak, but make them look like pussycats in comparison. Bloodthirsters, according to the mythos of the game, are terrifying. They are what is left is we remove the humanity and personality from killing machines, unable to stop due to sheer hatred that bubbles through them.

They are what happens if you cross Jason Vorhees, with the Wolfman, with the monster from Cloverfield – and then make it angrier by poking it with a sharp stick. No-one wants to face a Bloodthirster on the table. The question is – we know how tough they are in the mythology, but how tough are they within the game?

Games Workshop, upon releasing Age of Sigmar, did something really nice with the rules for big bad monsters that could leave a game unbalanced in the old Warhammer Fantasy rules. They created a way of making monsters weaker over time and applied it across all of the Blooodthirster Alliances.

What is more, every monster has its own rules, and rulse is a really nice and welcome addition to the game said he, two years after AoS got released. This means that characters like the Bloodthirsters do vary in strength and gules throughout the course of a game. How strong they are depends on how many wounds they have left, which creates a really nice narrative of them getting broken down over time As we can see, Skarbrand actually gains attacks the more damaged he is which creates a really interesting dynamic within the game.

For the above graph we combined Slaughter and Carnage to create an overall number of attacks. Please note, that would be an amazing name for a Death Metal band. Only two of the Bloodletters have missile, of which, if missile weapons is your preferred option then you are best going with the Lash of Khorne the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury.

Odds are you will get more out of it then the Bloodflail or Hellfire Breath of the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster, which only have one attack each. That being said – the Hellfire Breath rukes really neat, so you may want to consider it anyway. His Total Carnage ability brings his maximum damage way up, since it deals 8 mortal wounds to bloodthigster single model in a target unit. That can be devastating; however, it is important to note rulew it only targets one model.

In order to realistically work out rulse deadly the Bloodthirsters are we need to work out how many single models can be take off the table by them each turn, if we assume the models are 1 wound each.

MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

Of course, even this is not simple, only this time it is not Skarbrand causing the problems. Instead it is the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, who has an area affect off the back of his Outrageous Carnage ability.

Basically, stay away from the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage. The Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster does less damage when healthy, but potentially does more than the Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury when damaged. Now we have those graphs we can create an overall view of the Bloodthirsters, and how much damage they can potentially do per turn.

Since a unit can, in theory, shoot, charge, and attack with melee, we will be adding the potential missile damage to the potential melee. Seeing a graph like that really helps see where the most damage is across the game. Instantly, Skarbrand steps out as potentially wiping the most miniatures off the board during his final rounds alive, whereas the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage actually becomes the least damaging later on in the game. The Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster is the most consistent throughout the game.

All numbers so far have been worked out on the absolute maximum that a Bloodthirster can roll during any combat. Essentially, this potential has been worked out on straight sixes which, in reality, will never happen.


Instead, we can actually take the average wounds a Bloodthirster will do during any turn. This requires a lot more maths to work out, but it is an interesting concept. What will the average Bloodthirster get across the categories? In essence, the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster has the highest average damage quote based on non-area affects at the start of the game, with Skarbrand being the reverse image of that, being more deadly towards the end of the bloodfhirster.

The Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage has that strange ability though of Outrageous Carnage which does a lot of damage to surrounding units as well, which makes him far more deadly than the statistics explore. That will only come into effect when a six is rolled bloodthiester one time in six, or about There are two potential answers when looking at the question of how deadly are Bloodthirsters.

Without getting into analysing every single unit in Age of Sigmar or 40k as well actually it is difficult to say; however, we can take a far more generic and less scientific approach. They can deal out a lot of damage, and if luck is on your side they can wipe out entire units with a few swings of the axe. On top of that there is Skarbrand, who is powerful simply because he works on an inverted logic.

The more he is damaged the more damage he can do, which makes him a strategic play – he is a beast you want to use to draw fire. He will soak up the fire and deal it back two hundred degrees hotter.

How deadly are Bloodthirsters? Well, play them right and they can bloodhhirster the enemies quiver in their boots.

Bloodthirsters have been a staple in Warhammer and Warhammer 40k for the past twenty years. What are your opinions of them?

How tough do you think they are and how do you take them down? Let us know in the comments below. Unfortunately, though I’m an all-chaos player, I tend to play small games that monstrous creatures don’t show up in. That said, I always fancied getting a Bloodthirster bloodthirstrr Insensate Rage, since it’s playing air guitar with a massive axe, but after reading your article it seems like the Unfettered Fury dude might be more reliable and points efficient – based on the data at least.

That’s the kind of analytics I am missing when I put my armies together of AoS, because basically I chose my armies based on the looks of the models.

Having said that I am working at present on compiling an army list for a Khorne army, which I plan to collect and assemble over time, like I do with all my armies.


I start out small with a 75 renown war-band for Skirmish, then extend that to approximately points and thereafter in steps of approximately points until I reach 2. After that I basically buy the models where I like either the lore, the model itself and the rules. To put it short and sweet: Thanks for the articleit will definitely help me with an additional parameter when then time comes around to chose a Bloodthirster.

I am really looking forward to reading further articles from you in the future.

Very instructive and, if I might say so, very eloquently written. Christmas hauls Our newest member: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts Mark all read.

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