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Young Russian detective Erast Fandorin is saved from the first of many attempts on his life by a Byron corset. He can’t afford the device which. This is the first book featuring Erast Fandorin, a gentleman sleuth who solves murders and mysteries in tsarist Russia. A 23 year old law student commits suicide. Continues Excerpted from The Winter Queen by Boris Akunin Copyright © by Boris Akunin. Excerpted by permission. All rights reserved.

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I didn’t feel that Fandorin quite comes to life in this novel. Erast Fandorin Mysteries 1. This suits the detective genre perfectly, regardless of modern sensibilities. Of course, the police are called in, and it turns out that on that same tthe, there were other public suicide attempts, all using the same method, all over town.

What I did like was the era, the setting and the rest of the cast. The end was maybe a little over the top too but all in all I really enjoyed this book. View all 14 comments. Our her This started out so well.

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Fandorin gets a new boss, Ivan Brilling, a sophisticated detective familiar with modern investigative techniques.

Lady Astair traps him with her, but after Fandorin begs for his life, she lets him go in return for a promise to not hunt down her “children” from the Astair Houses. Other books in the series. Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your subscription. He must navigate a complex web of conspiracy slowly revealed following the apparent suicide I enjoyed this winrer but it didn’t grab me.

Erast is nicely understated as a character, especially when set against the more flamboyant suspects in the murder case tue puts himself to investigating. This is a brilliant book. Sep 23, Al! This book was a pleasure on many different levels, I’d read Akunin again.

His guilt at breaking his promise mars his happiness on the day of his wedding to Elizaveta. He follows Bezhetskaya to her home, where she spends her time toying with the many men who come to visit.

The Winter Queen (Erast Fandorin Mysteries, #1) by Boris Akunin

I liked getting a feel for Russia and Europe during the late 19th century – and how different detective work stretching across nations must’ve been before the telephone and internet. The UK publication of these books will be an international literary event and mark the arrival of a startling new voice in the thriller marketplace. And it’s a fun story. The novel quren best at period setting akuni atmosphere, entertaining in the way of George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman books.

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The Winter Queen Reader’s Guide

Meanwhile, Fandorin hurriedly leaves for St. The Winter Queen is one of three mysteries featuring the detective Erast Fandorin. Sep 01, Jest rated it did not like it. I appreciate it as a work of Russian literature excellently translated – of course, the ending was incredibly Russian we can’t have things be TOO happy, can we?

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Some historical crime thrillers feel to me a bit like once the well-researched chosen cultural and chronological aspects are stripped away, you’re not left with much except a simple story dressed up in unusual words. Fandorin jumps out his window in an attempt to arrest the killer, and thus escapes the bomb, which blows up and kills his young bride.

The love story is more or less just pasted upon the rest – to build up to future books in the series, sort of, I guess. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction. There are many unresolved questions.