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Cannondale Tandem Eccentric Bottom Bracket Body, KP/, FREE UK Delivery, Price: £ Eccentric Tandem Bottom Bracket, KP/. Cannondale Eccentric Bottom Bracket Shims, KP, FREE UK Delivery, Price: £ Cannondale Eccentric Bottom Bracket Shims, KP I am interested in this bike but I am a bit unsure about the Eccentric BB that cannondale uses. I would like to know how the cannondale design.

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IIRC it is usually the case that one or both wedges are held captive to the assy by the overhanging heads of the button-headed screws; it idea is that once one wedge comes loose the other can still be released OK. Or the other which is what I did was to change both drive chain rings by one tooth down 30 Didn’t really seem interested in supplying one. I’m not sure how to adjust it though.

Cannondale Eccentric Bottom Bracket – UPD Version | Triton Cycles

What measurements do I need to take to check? Can I use this with a Viking Serengeti? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Couldn’t budge the bottom bracket pics below. To loosen a wedge-type eccentric, remove the bolt usually a 6 mm thread that holds the wedge in place, and temporarily replace it with a considerably longer one.

The largest cycling discussion forum botyom Australia for all things bike; from new riders to seasoned bike nuts, the Australian Cycling Forums are a welcoming community where you can ask questions and talk about the type of bikes and cycling topics you like.

For discussions about bikes and equipment. These are hard to find and it did the job. I understand this wont apply to you,but I thought I would post for general information. You can now adjust chain tension by putting a correct sized allen key 5mm? It is slightly smaller in diameter than the “Eccentric Bottom Bracket Insert Taiwanese” also sold on this site which was a fraction too wide for my bike.


I gave the head of the allen key a couple of taps with a tack hammer but I can’t seem to budge anything. Often the latter is a peg spanner fitting but maybe the charge uses a different system to that.

Once re-greased and correctly adjusted, insert M5 bolt from the correct side and tighten with 4mm Hex key as per instructions. There a silver allen bolt at the bottom with a black circlip in front of it amd two other allen shaped holes at 4 o’clock amd 8 o’clock. Cannondale eccentric bottom bracket 68mm shell.

Any good hardware store. So I loosened the key a bit more had another go, really pushed hard. Australian Cycling Forums Skip to content.

I’ll have a go at adjusting it in the morning and see how it goes. I like the way it secures itself by pushing outwards and does not rely on the crude mechanism my old eccentric BB holder used whereby two self-tapping screws bottomm in the frame penetrated the BB by drilling a small hole in it. If it’s a single wedge eccebtric the EBB should now be free to move. Find More Posts by reptilezs.

Cannondale eccentric bottom bracket adjustment???

If left too long without service, the wedge can become corroded in place, and may be difficult to dislodge without damage. This is my first non derailleur bike and its a bit of a learning curve on the new bits. How do you adjust an eccentric bottom bracket? Last edited by reohn2 on 14 Feb Well that was going to be my last resort. R2’s procedure should release the LH wedge, but if the circlip pops out on the RHS then it may be very difficult to release the RH wedge.


Thread the bolt well into the wedge, and rap it with a mallet to drive the wedge out. Nevermind, I am going to follow some instruction I have been given by a fellow owner. Great product, easy to fit and slotted into my Charge Mixer 11 perfectly.

Once the chain is adjusted to correct tension,tighten the wedges but don’t overtighten the wedge bolt,5Nm is enough ie;two fingers of pressure on a standard sized allen key or you run the risk of distorting the EBB housing in the frame.

Hi, Unfortunately as we have never sold your bike we have no way of knowing if this will fit it or not I’m afraid. I spoke with my local dealer, and the response I got was that it is not a life or death part it is only there to prevent the bolt getting stuck in the chainwheel if it becomes loose.

Tap the hole on the side you pulled the bold from with an M6 thread.

Cannondale Eccentric 1FG Bottom Bracket Insert – Double Wedge – Fits Tandems & Rohloff

Before I break something I thought I’d better check my understanding of the setup; to me it looks like the eccentric is basically a cylinder with a diagonal slice off one side. Use on a Cannondale T2 Tandem And six minutes from Q to A! There should be some indication in the owner’s manual, but a photo of the charge BB should suffice.

I need a replacement screw as I’ve round mine off!