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Canopus in Argos: Archives [Doris Lessing] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Lessing, Doris. This book is the fourth volume in the second series, called Canopus in Argos: Archives, begun in with Shikasta. Lessing, better known as. Canopus in Argos is a sequence of science fiction novels by Nobel Prize winning author Doris Lessing, first published from to , which portray a.

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I’d find myself laying there reading away while it slowly dawned on me that what I was reading was really funny. Let me say first that I do not read science fiction.

My favourite Lessing and my favourite sci-fi. Both of her parents were British: Eons are often covered in the expanse of a story. In a world where one man’s spaceship empire war could easily be swapped out for another’s, trying something different should be less rare than it is.

In fact, I expect that most “hardcore SF fans” however few of them are left will simply ignore Lessing. Her writing held my interest and I marveled at her creativity. So don’t expect her humor to leap out at you. And it turned out the brick was just an omnibus for five novels, each of which had a title that seemed to have been translated from another language improperly.

Works by Doris Lessing. Most of it, frankly, screams “didactic” and your tolerance for the series for a whole may have more to do with your appetite for stories that are blatantly a commentary on society and in that sense isn’t much different from taking a Native American character from the s and lessjng him in London to see what hilarity ensues.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Colonised Planet 5, Shikasta”?

Canopus in Argos: Archives

Alex rated it liked it Jul 18, Having our foibles as a particular ape species with a certain set of behavioral prerogatives spelled out by selection in a certain adaptive environment, described dispassionately by alien sociologists or “anthro”-pologists, or ethologists perhaps most aptly, is marvelous to me although I suppose could be unsettling to those who have a higher opinion of our species than I do.


The oddly named Ambien II is one of the Five, who run the argosse. I can’t say that any of these completely worked as both novels and commentaries, sometimes it seemed like Lessing was in a constant war to write SF and also craft meaningful critiques of society as she understood it, and it’s not always clear which side won.

Even when the titles did correspond to what I imagined as actual English, it gave no clue as to what the stories might be about. Canopus instructs the world to build a giant wall and the narrator discusses the events as they circle the world near the wall, watching their world slowly succumb to ice and cold and wondering when Canopus is going to swoop in and save them.

Canopus in Argos Series by Doris Lessing

Everyone visits other planets even if the spaceships are sometimes kept offscreen. I recommend it to Lessing fans who haven’t read it yet; I recommend it to scifi fans; I recommend it to openminded fiction lovers who want to see the boundaries of fiction expanded. It occurred to me that reading “Canopus in Argos: To ask other readers questions about Canopus in Argosplease sign up. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Retrieved 4 July Lists with This Book.

Doris Lessing was a prolific author and I haven’t read much of her work and leswing I have read, including the Canopus series, is probably what’s considered her experimental fringe by those familiar with the corpus of her literary output.

There’s hardly any fighting or space battles and most of what passes for genre cliches ln blissfully absent, replaced by something argosee strange, recognized only when viewed through skewed glass.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Between East and West: It becomes less canopjs when you do realize that you’re on Earth and she’s merely relating Earth’s history but through the eyes of aliens, the early sections feel so odd and unfamiliar that to realize she’s observing WWII Germany feels like a bit of a letdown. Paperbackpages. I read this book because John said it was his equivalent of Little Women.


If you’ve never heard of this series before, if you ever see it on a shelf lesskng a bookstore it’s going to look like something left behind from another planet. Archives,” along with the writings of Gurdjieff, be Sufi expositions rendered consciously or unconsciously by these authors?

Retrieved 15 May She does eventually move past that into the future and for me the novel finally comes alive when she starts to relate the story through the journals of a girl named Rachel.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Kinda really wish there were more of these books. The novels take place in the same future historybut do not relate a continuous storyline.

Having actual people doing things like riding horses and having sex makes all the talk about Zones much argksde palatable and since the focus of the story is more gender relations and their interactions each Zone seems to have its own characteristics that affect each us as they intermingle moreit becomes a bit easier to relate to, feeling more like a fantasy tale that is bent on conveying its point of view.

Bootheina rated it it was amazing Sep 24, It was really interesting. Archives is a sequence of five science fiction novels by Nobel Prize in Literature -winning author Doris Lessing which portray a number of societies at different stages of development, over a great period of lesing.