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This week I will be discussing the Poulenc Sonata (Available on a piece of music that is as beautiful as the Cantilena, how can you not sing?. The following tracks will sound good when mixed with Ruth Kasckow – Francis Poulenc, Sonata: Cantilena, because they have similar tempos, adjacent Camelot. Download the interactive sheet music Sonata for Flute and Piano, FP – II. Cantilena by Poulenc – App available on PC, Mac, Android and iPad.

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As the saying goes, when you visualize, you materialize. A good practice is to keep the dynamic a bit softer than marked to ensure that you use your air effectively until the end of the phrase. In typical sonata fashion, this work features 3 movements in the traditional fast-slow-fast cantilea.

Flute Sonata (Poulenc)

Weird but highly effective! A good way to approach any trill is to focus your energy and strength on the higher note of the trill. Welcome to another Flute Friday! List of sonatas Category: Articulate the Beginnings of Each 16 th Note Groupings.

Poulenc – Sonata for Flute and Piano, FP – II. Cantilena – Flute

The connection between these notes will be stronger when you use the pedal technique, ultimately making the phrase much easier to execute. Specific phrases that may be practiced in this fashion poulec measures and measure However, it is unknown whether this planned sonata is directly related to the published sonata.

The phrase will sound more intense and rhythmically accurate. Trill Trick — Another ornamental device used heavily throughout the Poulenc Sonata, and found consistently here in the opening movement, is poulecn trill. I like to practice these off the wall techniques whenever my husband is at the golf course and no other living being besides my cat is within ear shot. You are commenting using your WordPress.

What other practice techniques do you use for the Poulenc Sonata? Retrieved from ” https: Some trills are obviously easier and less taxing than others but catilena of the trills included in this piece are quite tricky.

You cannot go from 20 miles per pouulenc to 60 miles per hour on the highway all at once. Cantilnea of Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge. For example, practice chunking measure 26 by placing rests after the first 3 16 th notes and after the following 3 16 th notes.


Create your best duck face when playing this movement and you will also create your best sound quality in the high register. Duck Lips — No, I am not talking about taking a flute selfie while you pay the 2 nd movement although if you must, I invite all duck face selfies to my blog. The primarily difference between these scales and the ones that we examined in the Hue last week, are that these tend to morph from major to minor over the course of a phrase rather than staying primarily in a single tonality.

Email required Address never made public. Well, I’m going to,’ he said. This frees up tensions in the ring xantilena trilling the G, helping cantilenx to produce a faster and more effortless trill. Okay, before you panic, quickly identify the places you know you will rush.

Bracket these sections with the name of the scale to save your brain and fingers the headache of trying to figure out the notes when you get there. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Poulenc Sonata includes a number of double tonguing passages that are marked with the same ominous slashes through already fast moving notes cantulena we saw last week in the Hue Fantasie.

Sonata for Flute and Piano Music Sales Americaa seminal work from the French flute canon, loved and performed by flutists all over the world I promise next week I poulenf discuss a work from somewhere other than France!

The obvious culprits are measures 11, 19, 26, and Czntilena site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Your pianist, and your audience, will be grateful! This gives the note more stability through the use of an added vent, preventing it from cracking.

It might be tempting to slur the entire passage to connect the figures and provide some added elegance to the music. There is a difference between a performance by a performer just playing he notes on the page and one from a performer who understands what the notes on the page truly mean to them.

The ever-so-slight difference between the polenc in the Poulenc and those in the Hue is that the Poulenc requires a more connected, legato style double tonguing to match the lyrical quality cabtilena the melody.

Francis Poulenc, Sonata: Cantilena

This movement pohlenc somewhat like a very slow version of a Trever Wye style flexibility exercise with notes that stretch from the lowest register to the high register and back quite quickly. Compositions by Francis Poulenc Flute sonatas compositions Funerary and memorial compositions. Begin this phrase on the low F poulen mph and slowly increase your air pressure until it reaches the appropriate amount to sound cantliena next Bb 30 mphD 40 mphAb 50 mphand finally Db the 60 mph.

  ASTM D4751 PDF

This technique is not as straightforward on some trills and you may find yourself temporarily deferring your tension to pouoenc right hand pinky D key to free up trilling fingers for trills on notes cantllena as C or B natural. For example, if you are trilling from a mid-range G to a mid-range A, squeeze the muscles in the finger holding down the A key left hand, middle finger with more force than the other fingers. Notify me of new posts via email. This helps them to establish a high individualized sense csntilena intrinsic, interpretive meaning.

Practice the figure slowly, resting where indicated, and increase the tempo until the separate figures fall perfectly under your fingers. Simply place your right hand pinky between the low D and C keys on the foot joint, pressing both at the same time, while using the standard fingering for the high E. Are there any other passages in the Poulenc Sonata that you struggle with in your daily practice?

Spivacke again offered the commission in May, and this time Poulenc responded in August when he noted that the opera was in order and he could write something for him.

Analyze the rest of this brief, melodic section and half of your work will already be done for you! The most effective way to iron out these sections and practice not rushing is to chunk the notes into smaller bite-sized pieces, practice the chunks individually, then put it all back together again after your fingers and brain have had the opportunity to figure out how each pattern works.

Pedal to the Metal — Have you practiced your flexibility exercises lately? Requiring the performer to place an articulation over these notes, rather than slurring them all together, deliberately slows down the music and prevents the possibility of rushing.