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Clan Raukaan: Part 1 – The Lore (Warhammer 40, Codex This is the second Space Marine supplement, third if you count Codex: Black. Find great deals for Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Clan Raukaan Codex Supplement. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This supplement to Codex: Space Marines allows you to create the unstoppable army of merciless Iron Hands from the 3rd Company, Clan Raukaan. Within the.

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I’ve recently got back into 40k gaming after a mere 25 year gap. Almost every single last Supplement Codex has been of this quality and utterly ruined the army they have been trying to promote.

I was recently persuaded to start it up again by a friend but I will be pretending that the fluff in this awful document was never written. Before 6th Ed came out I was determined to start an Iron Hands army and even tracked down a copy of WD with all the fluff in it.

Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Clan Raukaan Codex Supplement

Try again in eight years. Along with the Imperial Fists 3rd Company Supplement, we ruakaan have some increasingly confirmed information for the next Space Marines instalment — Iron Hands. Other cool wishlisty things — techmarines in command squads, techmarines giving out FNP to unitsdread HQs and finally terminator sarge and even termie troops or something similar. Friday, 29 November Clan Raukaan: No more, “You don’t like your codex?

I hope it is read by someone at GW. Now Comes the Feast of Blades.

sup;lement There are so many players out there that collect armies not for their prowess on a table or in a tournament, but for the stories attached to them, the characters and the fun element of playing a force with a great history. The -1S is part of the Iron Hand legion traits, but IH already have their chapter traits, which I doubt will be changed.


Glad to have read this review, I think wholesale murdering of a faction’s lore is terrible! supplemennt

Please explain how nothing major was changed. Strictly speaking, there hasn’t been a Codex: This will be huge, as a good percentage of Space Marine players are Iron Hands, or are now building an Iron Hands supplement with the release of the latest Space Marine Codex. Plus I hope they bring out options for ironclads with better rules and commanders with servo harness or arm etc.

Knight of Infinite Resignation 11 April at Bellarius 7 December at I’m liking the idea of lots and lots of supplements. October 10, 8: You already have a bunch of HQs specific to your chapter. It isn’t like you are hurting as much as the other chapters.

Clan Raukaan – Iron Hands Supplement – 3++

Primarch Ferrus Manus has the same -1S rule for his 30k rules in the next Horus Heresy book, so having it appear in this supplement is a pretty sure bet, i think. Posted by Bellarius at That part has been corrected to properly address the issues found in that raukqan. Bellarius 9 December at It will finally allow GW to update armies on a reasonable schedule.

Vote Up 0 Vote Down. Anonymous 7 December at I will make my opinion known with my wallet.

Clan Raukaan – A Codex: Space Marines Supplement (6th Edition) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

What I have seen of the new sulplement churns my stomach. Far too many reviews informing hobbyists were paying any degree of attention to the lore, and quite frankly travesties like this need to be brought up as much as well written pieces. Bellarius 11 April at October 10, 7: On the other hand, very cool.


Agreed, that’s exactly what I was going to recommend once i’ve finished with the rules section of this rxukaan. I raised some of these points on GWs Facebook page when it had one however even though I was faultlessly polite my comments were deleted without answer and I was blocked from the page.

Not entirely surprising given how they’re call out in the fluff. Anonymous 9 December at October 10, Thinning Paints for Airbrushing and Suplpement. October 11, Newer Post Older Post Home. As an Iron Hands player for spplement than a decade, I will let GW know of my displeasure with them supplemennt the one way they will understand Thank you for pointing out that error, i’m honestly not sure how I managed to do that.

October 15, 7: Hopefully the powers that be will get enough negative feedback about this style of codex that they’ll rethink JT 18 November at You’re more than welcome and thank you for taking the time to comment. Here are some of the details mentioned.

Im actually half tempted to pirate a copy, print the cover, wipe my ass with it and sending it to GW HQ