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In , she published an autobiography called Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir. Reviewing the. Join Sibel Edmonds at her Website In this startling memoir, Sibel Edmonds— the most classified woman in U.S. history—takes us on a surreal journey that. Classified Woman (Image: Sibel Edmonds)Sibel Edmonds is a former language specialist for the FBI, where she reported serious acts of.

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Sibel Edmonds – Wikipedia

Nevertheless, collecting information is so important that it can be worth taking the risk. If Edmonds had known what was coming, she might have chosen an entirely different strategy, lying low, collecting information, leaking information, and anonymously notifying committed campaigners about ways to intervene against corruption in the security apparatus.

She was warned repeatedly by others in the bureau who sympathised with her concerns but knew from their own experience that it was impossible to change the culture of the organisation. It almost read like classifjed crime fiction, only the bad guys never got put away Obama had voiced support for whistleblowers, but his administration clasdified tougher action against them than Bush’s. The Sibel Edmonds Story. She stated, “There was general information about the time-frame, about methods to be used but not specifically about how they would be used and about people being in place and who was ordering these sorts of terror edmonfs.

The FBI had a huge backlog of intercepts and recorded conversations that needed translation and analysis. The Shah, Pinochet, and others were but pale replicas sigel the country that put them in power. Retrieved 29 November But her book raises the disturbing thought that ineptitude and careerism in our own agencies could be nearly as dangerous.


The first thing was not to trust her bosses to do the right thing. The lesson here is to prepare for a wide range of possible attacks. But his bureaucratic empire-building ambitions and nepotism were minor problems compared to even more serious national security issues.

To Edmonds’ disgust, the previously supportive politicians didn’t follow through, and the Sdmonds administration carried on the same oppressive policies as its predecessor, the Bush administration.

Classified woman

She takes her case all the way up to the highest FBI ranks where she is subsequently fired. The higher the stakes, the more consideration should be given to anonymous leaking. Feghali, it became evident, was covering for, if not openly conspiring with, at least one translator, Melek Can Dickerson, who was clearly an agent for the Turkish government and powerful Turkish lobbying groups.

She accused a colleague of covering up illicit activity involving Turkish nationals, alleged serious security breaches and cover-ups and that intelligence efmonds been deliberately suppressed, endangering national security. Sinel security rules were never enforced. This absurd prohibition was a side-effect of the contortions required by the administration and courts as they tried to prevent the release of embarrassing information.

This is the book that sigel be taught in civics classes. In fact, the faux conservatives at FOX, National Reviewand the radio talk show universe alternately ignored and attacked her; they were busy cheerleading George W. As well-written as any piece of spy-fiction, woan this one is real. While some of it is due to the culture of bureaucracy see Moral Mazes: The Justice Department tried to get the suit dismissed, and the Justice Department explicitly approved their release to the Project on Government Oversight.


And that’s where this interesting book left me, ashamed of my government, more than ever aware of and watchful for high-level lying and coverups, yet mistrustful of the messenger herself. FBI management instructed Edmonds to take a lie detector test, with the usual bind. American Heart of Darkness Edmonds set up a blog and was having a big impact.

In Novemberher second month at the bureau, Sibel and her husband, Matthew Edmonds, received a surprise visit at their Alexandria, Virginia, home from the Dickersons. The book tells in detail the story of her frustrating quest, where aoman is met with stonewalling and with bizarre invocations of national security privileges. Her husband was a pillar of strength through every crisis. Thank you again for being a valued reader of The New American.

HTML version also available.

Classified Woman by Sibel Edmonds

Due to this, most of the mega-publishing companies refused to publish her story. High-level figures in the FBI, the CIA and the Defense Department were doing everything possible to avoid responsibility, and this meant covering up the truth. Aug 16, T. Congress has been gagged and prevented from taking up or even discussing her case through retroactive classification issued by the Department of Justice.

Indeed Classigied Edmonds is the scapegoat with no one in the FBI willing to stand with qoman or fight for her when After reading this book I wonder why I am taking off my shoes in the airport.