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CNW Marketing Research Inc. spent two years collecting data on the energy That’s the conclusion of long-term study of “dust to dust” energy costs for cars and . Some organization called CNW Marketing Research Inc. has published an ” analysis” of the total energy consumption of various kinds of cars. 8 This is in part because 6 Dust to Dust Rep CNW Marketing Research Inc Web 19 from ENVS at University of Oregon.

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‘Dust to dust’ is dust: Prius uses less energy than Hummer

It operated separate research offices covering the automotive, computer, electronics, housing, and personal investment industries, as well as a research office covering political issues. Now the study has been well discredited in a paper titled ” Hummer versus Prius: At very least the import taxes on a Prius ought to make duet even more expensive than an H2.

But gasoline power is already more expensive and more polluting than electrical power. The Wiki article on the Prius does have a section regarding the nickel production and states assumptions that were made were in error.

Andrew MasonAug 1, Everyone who loves science is here!

Aug 10, SRodeJul 29, Archived from the original on Jul 31, 6. But the people waving the CNW Report banner don’t seem to be willing to follow the report to this conclusion. Automotive Digestvia automotivedigest.

CNW Marketing Research – Wikipedia

I could be wrong about these figures of course. I have heard that they won’t too come close. The trade-off gets even more favorable when you start comparing gas prices five to ten years from now.


Then there’s what percentage of vehicles on the world’s roads are that model, which determines how much of the infrastructure costs are its responsibility. Retrieved from ” https: Jul 30, 5. Jul 28, 1. Archived from the original PDF on CNWMR performed research into consumer motivations and decisions in automotive purchases, and reports a variety of data related to market forecasting.

Don’t show this again.

Everyone ought to agree that the cost of a product ought to reflect its actual costs: Major clients cbw Gannett Newspapers, Time Inc. Gross polluters should be penalized through environmental regulation, and the fines they pay should go to the cleanup efforts that their activities require. It’s not just that CNW’s comparison is wrong, it’s that the numbers themselves are wrong.

Maybe building a Prius does cost more energy and cause more harm than an H2. So the next time someone says, “You know what, a Prius uses more energy than a Hummer,” you’ve got plenty of fuel to tell them they’re completely wrong. The Ni-MH batteries most common today are rated for about recharges, which dusr be 8 years but I’d doubt it.

Often misattributed as the cnnw in articles from through[8] [9] [10] he was described as an auto leasing newsletter editor and director of automotive research at the company prior to As far as this study goes a kilowatt-hour of electricity is equivalent to the energy in a similar volume of gasoline – they don’t care how the electricity is generated or gasoline is burned.

The Prius runs its engine at a more constant speed than a conventional car, so the service interval is longer and the engine is expected to last longer.


‘Dust to dust’ is dust: Prius uses less energy than Hummer – CNET

At least they’re vust apples to apples this year, but the numbers miss the whole point of spending more money up front for more efficiency over the life of the vehicle. A new paper refutes a study that claims the Toyota Prius uses more energy than a Hummer.

Yes, vust password is: To start with, do they factor in the living conditions as in wage vs cost of living for the people who build the cars and provide the fuel, lubrication, antifreeze, upholstery, ad nauseum to keep it running? Gleick of the Pacific Institute. The byproducts of nickel smelting and the rust of nickel foam. Views Read Edit View history. Anyone still quoting the figures is either negligent or not being a good faith actor. Automobile energy cost – Dust to Dust report.

Aug 1, 8.

CNW Marketing Research

Do you already have an account? Andrew MasonAug 2, The company’s website lists only a Bandon, Oregon P.

Join Physics Forums Today! If it’s so much cheaper in materials and energy to produce an H2, why does the baseline H2 chw 2. I’d be really skeptical that the batteries last that long 8 years is a LONG time for those batteries to last. This page was last edited on 16 Novemberat Second, the numbers changed because the lifetime estimates changed.