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Find out all of the information about the ArcelorMittal Construction product: composite structural floor / steel / concrete COFRASTRA® Contact a supplier or. GlobalFloor®. Cofrastra Safe load table. on building floor sheets with big spans with moderate But it is advised to additionally stitch the fastener as it loading. Cofrastra 40 high bonding capacity. Cofrastra Multifonction composite. COFRASTRA DÉCIBEL ®. Cofrastra Décibel 40 floors. Cofrastra Décibel

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ArcelorMittal Construction offers several cofraastra of composite floors steel: Cofra5 allows more options to be assessed early in the project. The new premises of the European Central Bank are growing steadily in the Frankfurt skyline and will be finished by Designing Composite Floors Made Easy.

Case study Rolex Learning Center: CA Immo Deutschland Photographer: Tower offers significantly higher efficiency and flexibility compared to conventional space utilisation.

Cofra5 is a web-based design software to facilitate the design of lightweight composite floor solutions. By closing this message, you consent to our cookies on this device in accordance with our cookie policy unless you have cofrzstra them.

Composite floors – Cofrastra and Cofraplus

Both are suitable for use in new and existing buildings. Technical details Model More. ArcelorMittal Cofrastra 40 and Cofrastra 70 are cofrashra used for the flooring of the balconies and connecting bridges respectively.


Detailed information Tower is a new generation skyscraper and marks the dawn of a new era of responsible and environmentally friendly office buildings.

Cofrastra® 40: significant flexibility and high efficiency for LEED Gold certified Tower 185

Cifrastra is a new generation skyscraper and marks the dawn of a new era of responsible and environmentally friendly office buildings. The quick and easy implementation takes place in several expertly handled sequences by assembly teams.

Steel-reinforced concrete composite structure.

The floor openings are placed before pouring with no need to drill the floor. It lies in close proximity to the Skyline Plaza shopping and convention centre. The steel floor is ready to use and can be walked on as soon as it is fixed. Additional amenities include the building’s daycare centre, underground parking garage with parking spaces, electric charging cofrastrw, bicycle parking spaces and optimal access to the public transport system.

In February the 27th floor was finished, which meant halftime for the construction. The number of alternatives that can be considered is limited by the effort cofrqstra to assess each design.

The lack of an open cavity optimises safety on site.


Forgot password New user? Defined for single or irregular multi-span systems, the Cofra5 software can apply complex, punctual, linear and mobile loads and so can reproduce all common scenarios.

Cofrastra 40 – France – ArcelorMittal Distribution

cofrasstra Login to My Structurae. After only 33 months of construction, Tower was completed within the planned time frame and budget of million Euros. Inquiry for further information Your Name: Contact us Please select your region: Floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened manually guarantee best natural light and ventilation.

Tunnels, Caverns and Shafts. Cofra5 is an easy-to-use tool to check the technical feasibility of a composite floor design — rapidly and completely. An important advantage of this system is the quick installation time, a fact that significantly accelerated the construction phase. Designed as an intelligent building, micro wind turbines and solar panels will generate at least a part of the energy the building will consume.

These platforms divide the atrium into three sections of varying heights between 45 m and 60 m.