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Frederic Anthony Rzewski is an American composer and virtuoso pianist. His major compositions, which often incorporate social and political themes, include the minimalist Coming Together and the piano variations The People. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Attica / Coming Together / Les Moutons De Panurge on Discogs. Coming Together / Attica / Les Moutons De Panurge by Frederic Rzewski, released 10 October 1. Coming Together 2. Attica 3.

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His major compositions, which often incorporate social and political themes, include the minimalist Coming Together and the piano variations The People United Will Never Be Defeated! Too Many Zooz return with holiday classics performed in their own inimitable style.

I heard an amazing interpretation by the Talujon Orchestra of Coming Together. I grabbed this from this blog because I thought it sounded togethfr several listens later, “Coming Together” is now probably one of my favorite pieces of music ever.

Directions Inevitable or Otherwise”. Retrieved from ” http: Others questioned the incessant rhythm of the bass line.

I am a blogger who now follows you with an interest in xoming protest music and this is without a doubt togetyer of my favorite pieces in that genre.

I am comign not a fan of minimalist compositions. Christian Apslund makes several other insightful observations about the duality of the work: The letter was subsequently published, first in a magazine, where it was read by Frederic Rzewski. At the same time, instructions are given to the other instrumentalists that grant them a certain amount of freedom as to what to play, while at the same time drastically circumscribing their choices, and, of course, imposing on them a general form that delineates their actions as part of a musical composition.

I cannot stop listening to the title track.

Frederic Rzewski

This page was last edited on 8 Novemberat When section C begins, the dynamic indication drops to subito piano — a subtle musical surprise to echo the textual one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Occasionally he teaches for short periods at schools and universities throughout the U.

Together combined with the test of time has many who initially dismissed the work to acknowledge its artistry.


Gradually the other instruments start cmoing play faster until they’re all playing in a rzeeski, tense unison. This site uses cookies. Melville was one of the leaders of the infamous Attica Prison riot which occurred earlier in Pieces ; For narrator, unspecified instruments ; Scores featuring the voice ; Scores featuring a narrator ; Scores with open instrumentation ; For voices with solo instruments ; English language.

The choice of this quote highlights the peculiar duality pervasive throughout both parts of Coming Together.

Coming Together (Rzewski, Frederic)

I look forward to more. Or browse results titled:. It’s really nothing more than a short text read over a repetitive, fast sequence, much of which is played in unison. The intertwining of its individual parts affects a greater whole operating in harmony, each member of which plays an equally important part.

But togetyer overall effect it creates is of a very slow build up of tension to an incredible climax after 19 minutes. These pitches are combined and recombined, subjected to rigorous yet slow-moving processes, such that the bassline remains maddeningly familiar but never predictable.

All ordinal intervals meaning the distance from one note to the next within a fragment as a measurement of position in the scale rather Nied 45 than intervallic relationships are static at 1 within fragments, and each pair of fragments will have equivalent ordinal intervals in every other section leaps of togerher real number The music starts with the piano playing fast rhythmic notes while most of the other instruments playing longer tones over this foundation.

Togeher fixity of the sound images is incisive, unnerving and melancholic, embroidering a solid minimalist repetition. The different combination of cominf verses produce a psychosis or obsession of a cathartic experience, at the same time emotional, physical and mental. The narrator was accompanied by piano, accordion, Flute, Clarinet doubling bass clarinetBaritone Sax, and Alto Sax. In addition toogether studying with Luigi Dallapiccolahe began a career as a performer of new piano music, often with an improvisatory element.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Five Dramas For Swollen Emotions. Contents 1 Performances 1. The act of reading rzewskk rereading finally led me to the idea of a musical treatment.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Each section has a target melody rogether of a series of rising or falling lines which move sequentially through the gamut; the direction and sequential size of these lines vary from section to section, although every melody is 28 notes total.


Javascript is required for this feature. I think it is a very fine composition and should be performed more often.

The second sentence is then removed as the remainder are recited, then the third, and so on. In order to convey the stasis of the penitentiary environment, Rzewski restricts himself to a mere seven notes G1, Bb1, C2, D2, F2, G2, and Bb2arranged in a continuous stream of 16th notes in common time. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

On the one hand, its musical materials are insultingly simple; on the other, the unceasing way in which they are recombined renders them unpredictably complex.

If the order of melodic fragments is considered, section B is a fragment retrograde of section A. The lineup on this recording is pretty amazing. Thus what, if unexamined, might come across as flat, unironic, and straightforward accrues a rich set of meanings over the minute course of the work as we can really do no other than interpret relationships between the words and the musical texture that it is superimposed upon.

Meanwhile thanks for writing this.

Frederic Rzewski – Wikipedia

I hope you are also in an excellent physical and emotional health ;and will promote your blog in this internet forum where you all can find rzewsli links to other versions of those and other pieces from Rzewski: The piece really grew on me. Because of these mathematical consistencies between sections, how one decides to analyze Coming Together is relative. The speaker, who only a moment before was Sam Melville in the moments before his death, is now Clark, leaving the scene of a terrible ordeal.

From experience performing the piece, this is actually recommended so that the performer can pick up the pattern instead of trying to remember the retrograde inversion of a previous section. This gamut is then subjected to a series of algorithmic processes which create a heavily syncopated melody in the bass register, echoing the ordered chaos of prison life.