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Assembler, Compilers and Interpreters. As stated earlier, any program that is not written in machine language has to be translated in machine language before it. An Assembler takes programs written in the Assembly Language and made life easier and paved the way for the Compilers & Interpreters. Give Examples Compiler: Compilers are used to convert high level Assembers : Assembler are used to convert assembly language code into machine code.

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The programmer should fix that error to interpret the next line. Java is a high-level programming language which is compiled to produce bytecode which is then interpreted by a virtual machine VM.

Compiler, interpreter and assembler are translators that convert high level or assembly language based programs to machine language.

Ccompilers assembler translates each assembly interprefers instruction into an equivalent machine language instruction. To generate error messages, if there are errors in the program. Compiler converts the whole high level language program to machine language at a time.

In addition to high level languages and machine language, there is another language called the assembly language. Registers, main memory and cache memory all are the examples of To include linkage for subroutines. The assembler works as the translator in converting the assembly language program to machine code. An interpreter is a software that translates a high level language program into machine language while an assembler is a software that converts programs written in assembly language into machine language.


The process of transferring HKK source program in to object code is a lengthy and complex process as compared to assembling. Translators – usually included within programming software – convert high-level code into machine code.

The corrections are to be incorporated in the program, whenever needed, and the program has to be recompiled. An assembler translates an assembly language program into its equivalent machine language program. A compiler is a software that converts programs written in a high level language into machine language. It also interpretters program diagnostic capabilities.

Difference Between Compiler Interpreter and Assembler

To trace variables in the program 3. A computer program is a set of instructions for the computer to perform a certain task. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The translated program is called as object program.

Assembler, Compilers and Interpreters

It can be difficult to test individual lines of compiled code compared to interpreted languages as all bugs are reported after the program has been compiled.

Internal memory is the part of CPU. What characteristics should a user evaluate before employing a memory device?


The difference between compiler interpreter and assembler is that compiler converts whole high level language programs to machine language at a time while interpreter converts high level language programs to machine language line by line and assembler converts assembly language programs to machine language.

Write a program which generates series of prime numbers. Compare compilers, interpreters and assemblers. Home Submit your content Contact Privacy Policy. In this case, object code is not stored and reused.

Every time the program is executed, the interpreter translates each instruction freshly.

Difference Between Compiler Interpreter and Assembler –

As compildrs checks line by line, the scanning time is lower. It is not possible to execute the program without fixing those errors. It stores program, data, results or any other kind Prologue Places in News: Why do computers have internal memory as part of the CPU and the internal bulk memory separately? Differentiate between primary and secondary memory. In compiler, the program is translated completely and directly executable version is generated.