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Ovinos De Loa ” Katahdin y Dorper de registro ” · Farm Consanguinidad added 4 new photos. December 9 Consanguinidad updated their profile picture. Caracterização genética de ovinos crioulos colombianos control de la reproducción, ha aumentado la consanguinidad en las poblaciones de ovinos criollos y. consanguinidad – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Carne de razas consanguinidad. Uploaded by .. 03 Manual Ovino

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Animals and samples Blood samples were collected from sheep of the following Colombian breeds: Blood samples were collected from sheep of the following Colombian breeds: The OH ranged between 0. In conclusion, all three Colombian sheep breeds showed high genetic variability, evidenced by high polymorphism and number of alleles per locus for the molecular markers used for genotyping. Microsatellite molecular markers have been extensively used with this purpose by consanginidad authors Kugonza et al.

Global project for the maintenance of domestic animal genetic diversity MoDAD.

Columbia University Press; Characterization of sheep populations of Consanguiniadd using microsatellite markers: Estimating F-statistics for the analysis of population structure. Genetic diversity and assessment of 23 microsatellite markers for parentage testing of Santa Ines hair sheep in Brazil.

Parameters evaluating population genetic variability by locus are consangkinidad in Table 2. In general, all breeds showed high genetic diversity. According with the method proposed by Evanno et al. Voinos to cite this article. Population genetic software for teaching and research-an update. However, a heterozygosity deficit was present to some extent in all breeds, something mainly attributed to endogamy within sheep flocks.

Genetic diversity and admixture analysis of Sanfratellano and three other Italian horse breeds assessed by microsatellite markers.

Mejoramiento Genético de Ovinos by nora sarasa on Prezi

Evaluation of the genetic diversity of Laiwu pigs using twenty-seven microsatellite markers. The protocol used to obtain blood samples was approved by the ethics committee for animal experimentation of the Universidad de Antioquia Act 71, June, Analysis of genetic variability within and among Italian sheep breeds reveals population stratification and suggests the presence of a phylogeographic gradient.


Genetic variability within breeds The MNA for all breeds was 9. Genetic diversity, structure, and breed relationships in Tunisian sheep. Inbreeding parameters F IS for each breed had a mean of 0.

Genetic diversity of North-East Asian cattle based on microsatellite data.

References Arora R, Bhatia S. Sheep play an important role in food production systems and are frequently recognized as a multi- purpose species capable of improving the rural economy.

There was no clear differentiation between populations under any of the K values tested Figure 2which indicates high admixture levels. Anim Gen Resources ; On the other hand, the use of only a few genetic superior males for intensive mating might cause a reduction of the effective population size, higher levels of inbreeding and finally, decreased genetic diversity within breeds Pastrana et al.

Services on Demand Article. In addition to this, CRL and MORA breeds are closely bred in the high tropics of Colombia, and the crossing between individuals of these breeds is frequent.

Control de Parásitos en los Ovinos – TvAgro por Juan Gonzalo Angel

Rusticity, high fertility, and adaptability to harsh conditions are noticeable traits of these animals Radhikag et al. Animal ; 2 7: Genetic characterization and breed assignment in comsanguinidad Italian sheep breeds using microsatellite markers.

Analysis of genetic structure of Nigerian West African Dwarf goats by microsatellite markers. Anim Genet ; 33 3: We also thank all the farmers who facilitated the sampling process necessary for conducting this study.

These observations suggested the additional utility of these markers for population assignment Arora et al. The average FIS value was different from zero 0. Figure 1 shows the phylogenetic tree constructed from the matrix of Nei standard genetic distances. Small Rumin Res Arora R, Bhatia S. Carrera 75Bloque 47, oficinaCiudadela Robledo. All three breeds showed high MNA. Arch Ovijos ; 56 1: South African J Anim Scienc ; 39 obinos The MNA for all breeds was 9.


Ovinos y caprinos – Reproducción – CALAMEO Downloader

Genetic characterization of Colombian indigenous sheep 1. This could be considered as a phenomenon of introgressive hybridization in ovihos there is a gene flow from one population into the gene pool consannguinidad another, but in this case, this introgression would occur between different proportions of the genetic material of three ancestral breeds, as showed by the most likely K value.

Peakall R, Smouse P. Sheep farming represents a profitable production system in Colombia due to the favorable conditions of the market, in which the demand for products from these animals has increased over time. European breeds introduced to the region long after the conquest times with the aim of genetically improving wool sheep could make up the third ancestral group.

African sheep brought to America after the colonization would make up the second ancestral population, and from which breeds like Consanguibidad, Black Belly, and Pelibuey would be descendants.

However, inbreeding of indigenous sheep populations has increased in Colombia due to indiscriminate cross-breeding with foreign animals and consangjinidad of reproductive controls, with subsequent loss in productivity, which poses a great risk for the conservation of valuable genes. Characterizing Nali and Chokla sheep differentiation with microsatellite markers.