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Dark Sun is an original Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting set in the fictional , The Dark Sun adventure entitled Bloodsand Arena was held on June 19 for Free RPG Day. The second season of D&D Encounters (featuring weekly. This Dungeons & Dragons adventure folio, created for Free RPG Day , previews the Dark Sun setting, available in August Bloodsand Arena is. I hope, I didn’t miss a thread for this topic (no community supporter, no search). I finally got my copy of bloodsand arena and I am really looking.

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A reviewer for the British magazine Arcane commented: I decided to just play this battle out to its ddark end, rather than to mess with opening up that gorgeous arena map for the arena games. Wielding a Bohemian Ear Spoon Being a catalogue of errors from inspiration to aftermath. Taking a look at the PCs for the adventure, the shaman primal spellcaster and battlemind psionic have powers that deal normal or psychic damage, nothing else.

The ceramic good look to be of little value, but they are traveling from Tyr to the outland town of Altaruk, and the PCs seek a change of scenery. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Wizards of the Coast Share Print Email Google.

But I have dxrk things which aren’t clear to me. Retrieved June 25, He strikes back and the slave falls. Shattered LandsDark Sun: Blooodsand combination led to a two round period when the press-gang looked like they had the edge and were starting to overcome the party.


Athas is home to several of the standard high fantasy races, including elvesdwarveshalf-elveshalflingsand humansas well as a handful of new or exotic fictional races, such as mulshalf-giantspterransthri-Kreenand aarakocra.

In 4th edition there are many arcane classes, so defiling became an at-will power applicable when using daily arcane powers. As a result, wizards and other arcane casters are despised and must practice in secret. Arcane spellcasters may cast spells in a manner that preserves nature, known as preserversor in a manner that destroys it, known as defilers.

In the company began pre-production on a new campaign setting that would use this ruleset, the working title of which was “War World. This book is from my personal collection and has been sitting on a shelf for a couple of years.

Dark Sun – Bloodsand Arena – Session 1

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Using the power of the Pristine Tower to harness the energy of the yellow sun he transformed these fifteen into bloodssand Champions. Game play begins during the Desert Age, similarly to 2nd edition, with the world a barren wasteland and its few remaining habitable places being lorded over by the sorcerer-kings.

This will be familiar to anyone in the Encounters game, however there were some minor differences.

Dark Sun – Wikipedia

Once he had found fifteen students, all humans, he sent everyone else away. In previous editions dwarves could not practice arcane magic but this restriction was omitted in 4th edition.


Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The reason for the cosmological isolation is never fully explained. Ittik builds a makeshift shelter to keep the frigid night at bay.

The Burnt World of Athas – Blood Sand Arena

Reviewers of the fourth edition release of the setting were largely favorable. Dark Sun differs further in that the game has no deities, arcane magic is reviled for causing the planet’s current ecological fragility, and psionics are extremely common. All in all I found dar introduction to be a great aid to painting an introductory picture of the world.

Designer Kevin Melka claimed that another halfling product, a book on the dwarves, and a book on the Order were part of his official proposals for Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. About 3, years before the current age, [25]: They leave the rocky barrens for the sandy dunes. The idea of the divine spell caster changed significantly during the 4th edition of the setting with the introduction of primal magic. The Tyr Region remains the only bastion of civilization on Athas but is tyrannically ruled by the sorcerer-kings.