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Vinay Deolalikar is standing by his {\mathsf{P} \neq \mathsf{NP}} claim and proof. He and I have been exchanging e-mails, and as noted in the. Possible fatal flaws in the finite model part of Deolalikar’s proof Neil Immerman is one of the world’s experts on Finite Model Theory. He used. An update on the P not equal to NP proof Timothy Gowers, Gil Kalai, Ken Regan, Terence Tao, and Suresh Venkatasubramanian are some of.

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However, this is so far off topic that anyone who wished to deolaliikar it may contact me via my dated but still functional LinkedIn page, linked to my name. That, in itself, seems to me like an amazing thing to happen. One needs to know how many local minima there are that could trap your search algorithm. It was obvious from the beginning that this was the problem.

Stop your personal insults. Finally, after months of hard work, Alice has an outline of a proof. Perhaps the more important part is us trying to understand one another. The procedure appears to ring true on many critical aspects and I am speaking as a true-blue CS academic: Yet in P algorithms, there are much fewer of these. So, a perhaps more objective assessment of this piece of text over pages in 12pt, yet more like 70 pages deolalikarr 10pt might be:.

A method jp is guaranteed to find proofs deolalikag theorems, should one exist of a “reasonable” size, would essentially end this struggle. It seems only harder to prove tight polynomial lower bounds on polynomial-time solvable problems.

She thinks she has her proof.

Fatal Flaws in Deolalikar’s Proof? | Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP

There would be no special value in “creative leaps,” no fundamental gap between solving a problem and recognizing the solution once it’s found. Yes, it has all turned out to be very poetic and Zen; peel and peel and then nothing!

Intellectual debate is an essential part of ddeolalikar human knowledge in any culture and is not limited to the scientific culture. Milind Bandekar “Milz” permalink. The mathematical as mentioned above is that authors do not necessarily go through all the details in writing the paper.


Maybe the relevant participants are waiting for feedback from Vinay? The solid non-trivial results deilalikar the space of solutions are of the kind cited as theorem 5. First, I pick a random k-SAT formula. It seems to be generally believed that these tools are not strong enough to establish a claim such as 2. Is this at least log n bits, which is needed to express a vertex which is not in the clique?

Deolalikar Responds To Issues About His P≠NP Proof

If any of you think the likes of Professors Tao and Lipton would be spending their time better — presumably, on your own pet research projects — then convince them of it. Hence, the problem is known to need more than exponential run time. This has an easy direct proof. Any P vs NP proof must deal with the three known barriers described below.

I think the difference is better stated: Does the general proof strategy of Deolalikar exploiting independence properties in random -SAT or similar structures have any hope at all of establishing non-trivial complexity separation results?

Moreover, Vinay has not forced anyone to spend their time.

P versus NP problem

As for something fixable caught in a close review but not by the referee! We can see the claim by focusing on measure being zero or nonzero in the definition of polylog paramateizability. Of course many others are working towards the same goal, but the Group is one that I have been interacting with the most.

The method was robust enough that they could easily rewrite it, moving some of the workload to a different portion, but they did have to make a nontrivial change. There are many ways to formalize that steps of computation are indeed local, with FO logic one of them.

In a sense she sees that where is a slight variation of her proof. B Corporate innovations have happened in the past too — it is not a new thing, some of them are phenomenal by any standard. A famous example is the travelling salesman problem — finding the shortest route between a set of cities.

On the expressive power of monadic least fixed point logic http: So basically, you want to express uniform or something like that distribution with a distribution which is coming from some Markov network, satisfying conditional independence properties.


If a deolapikar over assignments to a random k-SAT formula is generated by a polynomial time algorithm by checking all the partial assignments, as he doeswhat structural property does it have that distinguishes it from the actual set of solutions? I particularly like to watch them when I referee papers. This seems too sparse to have real use.

If anything, this actually shows the great camaraderie in the complexity theory and in CS community, that everyone can come together to work on and discuss something interesting.

Thomson Course Technology, All is well, this parametrization is easy, but nontrivial. Thus, the question “is P a proper subset of NP ” can be reformulated as “is existential second-order logic able to describe languages of finite linearly ordered structures with nontrivial signature that first-order logic with least fixed point cannot?

Neither do the slides. I think you may be overlooking a subtlety. It is not clear to me from the manuscript what the exact definition is, but my best guess at the moment is that Claim 1 will turn out to be false, when the definition is made precise.

For those who are not complexity experts this is just the class of computations that can be computed by a special class of boolean formulas. No, I am not worrying about the transformation.

Could someone explain how this proof works for us less mathematically inclined people? He said that the work is a result of more than 4 years of deoalikar efforts and also it is the first time that he is deopalikar public with it. Some CS research is basic, some is applied, but there needs to be more flexibility so that scientists can move freely between domains, carrying their passions and ideas wherever their thoughts lead them.

Grisha was a top researcher and did never hand wave. Somehow this particular paper spread very rapidly.