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Difficult Daughters [Manju Kapur] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Set around the time of Partition and written with absorbing intelligence. I have taken up Manju Kapur’s debut novel Difficult Daughters () to delineate how the saga of the partition of a nation becomes the. The Criterion: An International Journal in English ISSN A Feminist Study of Manju Kapur’s Difficult Daughters Bijender Singh .

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View all 4 comments. No one is without shortcomings in the story, including Virmati, whose devotion to the professor readers may not be able to fully grasp.

Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. Virmati, a young woman born in Amritsar into an austere and high-minded household, falls in love with a neighbour, the Professor–a man who is already married. Describing Virmati would be similar to describing any girl of the same age; young, enthusiastic, adventurous, vibrant and highly emotional. Her journey is not easy. May 27, Anushri Jain rated it really liked it.

Jan 09, Joan Doane rated it really liked it.

Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapur

After she graduated, her education continued at home. But soon it becomes apparent that the Professor is a weak man, who prefers to have a cake and eat it too, and also it is not really a partner he is looking for. She wilts under the implacable and hostile gaze of Ganga, her husband’s first wife, with whom she has to live. Skimmed through the last few pages to finish the book. But professor understands the demand of time and he hastily marries her.

Difficult Daughters

I could not put it down! With a striking command of language and a natural eloquence, Kapur weaves a story at once heartbreaking and impressively thought-provoking.


Virmati is a young Punjabi girl, born to a high-minded family in Amritsar; the oldest daughter of an ever-growing brood, Virmati spends much of her youth taking care of her siblings. Despite her desperation to forget the professor she helplessly failed and became more entangled with him.

In this research paper, the writer analyzes and focuses on the issues related to the upper middleclass Indian women and their mental dilemma on their plight. They did often feel like newspaper cuttings pasted in. A daughter wishes to trace the journey of her deceased mother’s life. She is repeatedly reminded that she is born to work and please her in—laws. I also thought Kapur should have expanded a little more on the life of Virmati’s daughter, the narrator. Or even to Virmati, who finds that the battle for her own independence has created irrevocable lines of partition and pain around her.

Disobedient Daughters could very well be the title, and when our main character Virmati falls in love with a forbidden fruit married man you know it’s going to go sour.

The only reason for three stars is the way Kapur describes the old Punjabi way of life with opulence of words and a grandeur associated with past In the end, she tries to pull off a Train to Pakistan but fails miserably.

These children fight at home and the elder one commands orders on the younger siblings. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Likewise, this isn’t a predictable story of forbidden love. Her mother is always worried about her marriage and she does not understand her mental turmoil. Interstingly, what starts as a personal story is actually a narrator relating This book starts of as a story of a young girl in pre-partition India, in a large and chaotic extended family which has big hopes of an arranged marriage.

Virmati is different from her siblings and her mother never fails daughtefs point out how difficult daughtters selfish she is. For many readers with the freedom to stupidly love where we chose, Tradition, tradition, tradition The book ddifficult the story of Virmati and is partly narrated daughtets her daughter who is trying to learn more about her mother.


If the narrative was going to be so character focused, I would have liked more time spent ruminating on feelin This book made me miss a lot about north India talk of cooking, of food, of sleeping outside.

I find with this novel, the treasure isn’t so much in love as it is in the struggle to chose your own way. Hers was a r A daughter wishes to trace the journey of her deceased mother’s life. I wonder the reason behind naming her Virmati and her mum Kaveri. In the novel Difficult Daughters, Virmati repents on what she did. In retrospect, I may have made up my mind to like the book long before I even read more than 15 words.

But this marriage leaves her more disturbed, disposed, dissatisfied and perplexed. Open Preview See a Problem? This book provides a brief experience to understand the situation of our country, India during the time of war and how the war along with the social taboos of Indian culture effected the life of Virmati.

Ultimately women get awareness and they are conscious of their rights and try to carve a niche in the turbulent environment. However, traditions are strictly adhered to, and this causes much conflict. Tess22 Sep 14,