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rule variants welcome to ground zero. Dirtside II WITH LASER AND CHAINSAW. FOR EMPIRE OR ANARCHY. Groundside combat in a far flung future. A group of us here in Victoria, BC, Canada who play Dirtside II regularly. Individually & collectively, we’ve come up with some house rules to. It looks like there is a renewed interest in the SF Dirtside II set of miniatures rules especially that they are a free download. I thought I would post.

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He had always been an inventive sort so I picked up a set to read. That old interest in sc-fi lingered on however. The unit having the spotting attempt made against it rolls a die similarly modified by Leadership.

Dirtside II House Rules

But while the rules fules difficult when I read through them, they were very easy to learn by playing. IMO that would accurately reflect the time it takes to find a good, true HULL DOWN position as opposed to just rushing up and using a judgement call to position yourself and get a shot off quickly. The c3 and combat systems are quite elegant. The platoon remains at BR. Groundside combat in a far flung future.

Units start wholly inside their cover, and this led to a problem: Therefore, the following is used:. The imperial guard became planetary defence forces.

Dirtside II

Designed for use with 1: Opportunity fire can be taken by any unit that hasn’t moved yet and sees an enemy unit move. A 7 is rolled, finally causing a Pass result. Dirtside II combines all of this information dirgside a simple, easy-to-understand process. Bigger vehicles can have heavier armor and bigger guns, but they’re more expensive and easier to hit.


Dirtside II | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

I enjoyed the 40k fluff but warhammer 40k never really interested me. Then one fine day an impulse buy found me as the proud owner of Adeptus Titanicus. All in all, a great game at a good price. The following pages include the unit organisations, pictures of the troops and some shots of their equipment.

I never unfortunately came to terms with Games workshops alien cultures so my games remained strictly human and involved imperial troopers and marines against rebel troopers. I spent a bit on separate packs and mixed and matched. Each miniature represents an individual combatant. This reflects the missing crew member s. Finally the Ground Zero Games figures became the Imperial guard grunts. Please Leave a Comment! The combat system includes factors such as the type of weapon you’re using, how big it is, what the range is, how big the enemy is and thus how easy they are to hityour targeting abilities, the enemy armor, and in the case of missiles and air combat the enemy’s defensive systems.

If you fail your morale check, keep testing until you pass. This is, I believe, the best system to date that anyone has come up with. Ok people still died but it felt much more remote. Finally got to try Dirt Side II.


Anyway to cut a long story short, whilst visiting a wargames show in the UK I spotted a set of rules written by Jon Tuffley and Mike Elliot. The fate of planets would be settled by these tiny terrors. As the most we allow a unit to go down at one time is 3 levels, you stop rolling now, and the unit remains at BR.

Above 4 is needed to pass. They can move first and then fire or fire then move. This would simulate the tendency for inexperienced units to shoot prematurely in ambushes.

Then the opposing player moves an entire unit. Units in overwatch will automatically return enemy fire — firing after all resolution of the incoming fire.

Next I worked on unit organisation. Martin Pohl Back to Top Share this: It can pass a rally check ruules do whatever the overall HQ player wants it to do. Now Mike I knew from way back dirtzide the days of wargaming with Airfix figures. Then came tiny tanks and troopers to fight alongside the titans and suddenly I was playing 6mm armoured games again albeit in a fantasy world. If you would like to add your opinion to this webpage, use the following form or send email to the editor.