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Dissidia Final Fantasy/Controls. From StrategyWiki, the video game various Set Menus. Start button, Help Manuals/Pause game whilst on chessboard. When you’ve got 31 of Final Fantasy’s greatest heroes and villains to choose from in Dissidia Duodecim, selecting a character as a main. Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. DISSIDIA is a trademark of Square Enix Co., LTD. the instruction manual supplied with the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable).

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When an HP attack connects with the opponent, they take damage equal mqnual the attacking player’s Bravery. Bartz has the unique ability to mimic the moves of other characters, combining two different attacks into one hybrid strike. According to an interview between Takashi Arakawa and Yoshinori Kitase director, writer, and producer of Dissidia with a German gaming site, Kitase stated a sequel would be “very interesting,” and might even include Kingdom Hearts characters, although it would have to be discussed with Disney.

Summon (Dissidia 012)

Vaan rescues Terra from Kefka, and after they travel together, she realizes Vaan is a warrior of Cosmos. While Cosmos’s warriors discuss the origin of the manikins, Sephiroth sets out to confront Tifa, after Kefka tells him that fighting someone from his homeworld could trigger more hidden memories than an average fight. Enemies can attack the player while on the world map.

Equipment is obtained through various means: Several other small tweaks have been implemented as well. Chasm in the Rotting Land Floor 5.

Chapter 7 – Gateway of Melting Snows. Summonstones also have a limited number of uses, and in order to be used again they must be charged through battles. Accessories – Armor – Weapons.

Instruction Manual – Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Message Board for PSP – GameFAQs

While you should choose to play whomever you like best, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get a feel for all of them. Unlimited with U – Final Fantasy: Some are complex while others are simple; some are best suited for offensive pressure while others are better off punishing defensively. When the player enters a dungeonthe gameplay is reverted to that of the board of the first Dissidia.


Chapter 7 – Northern Mirage Gateway. The gameplay is similar to the original’s, featuring all diesidia the original gameplay elements, characters, and arenas. Clear the Gateway of Good and Evil to access a stone. However, Lightning refuses to have any part of it.

Chapter 7CotC: The normal version is more powerful than the “Auto” one when numerical values are at stake. Question Status The character manual messages? Don’t have an account? Laguna crosses paths with Vaan, but becomes lost in the World of Darkness where he meets the Cloud of Darkness. Before he can cut her manuwl, Cloud intervenes to save her.

Prevents summoner’s Bravery from decreasing via Bravery damage for 33 seconds Activates when player’s Bravery is less than or equal to half their base Bravery.

Contents [ show ].

Vanguard Storm – Vagrant Story – Fortress. The player can use skills in dungeons like straight chain, which sets up in the player’s line of sight specifically a cross around the player in a chain of battles.

The game features both single player gameplay in which the player can progress through the story or stage fights against an AI and multiplayer to fight against friends. Like ‘s Dissidiathe game is a one-on-one action-based fighting game, in which battles take place in three-dimensional arenas based on locations from the series, with characters that can level up and be fully customized.

Dissidia Final Fantasy | Final Fantasy Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Feral Chaosa form of the game’s main antagonist, Chaos. Log In Sign Up. Downloadable content – Gameplay changes.

Fighters will attack to steal Bravery from opponents, which increases their own, as a character lands Bravery attacks. All twenty-two playable characters in the original Dissidia return. The “Auto” version acts manua, a condition, usually a Bravery Break or HP Attack, while normal versions must be triggered by pressing and. Yuna, who has been journeying with Jechtbecomes separated from him and lost within Pandaemonium.


Prevents opponent’s Bravery from rising for 13 seconds Activates when opponent’s Bravery equals zero. Chaos defeats him easily, and as he begins to fade, he pleads with Cosmos to protect Tifa.

Duodecim normally pronounced with a hard “c,” mqnual incorrectly pronounced with a soft “c” is the Latin word for “twelve,” which alludes the cycle central to the plot of Dissidia Final Fantasy. Downloadable content – Maunal changes.

Keep me logged in on this device. The new Assist system allows characters to call an ally into battle, allowing new combos to be created by chaining the two characters’ moves in different fashions.


The world map of the game, which is directly based on the world of Final Fantasy. Eight additional summons have been added to Dissidia Dissidia features a diverse array of equipment, much dussidia it coming from various Final Fantasy games in the series.

Cosmos gathers her warriors and imbues them with her power, which will eventually coalesce dissixia a crystalwhich will help her warriors stop Chaos and bring an end to the conflict. When starting a new game, save data from the original Dissidia can be transferred to Dissidia For 50 seconds, if the summoner’s Bravery is lower than their base Bravery, it will gradually increase until it reaches base Bravery. Contents [ show ]. A “Watch” Mode allows players who are not participating in current battles to watch them on their PSP.

She vanishes, and the Warrior of Light mqnual out.