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Protezione civile: firmato protocollo d’intesa tra Italia e Marocco IT only; 1/10/ UNISDR. PPRD . Arabic only; 28/11/ The Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS builds on the enormous Situation epidemiologique du VIH/Sida et des IST au Maroc. Rabat. KPMG Al Fozan & Al Sadhan, a Saudi Arabian and a member firm of the KPMG network of independent member firms Note 1) and-people/variety/11/august/5/; monde/pages/;.

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This study investigates how institutional blockholders impact levels of voluntary disclosure released in annual reports of some of the most active companies in dotor Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Modelling Conditional Volatility and Downside Risk for Istanbul Stock Exchange, Amira Akl Ahmed and Doaa Akl Ahmed We investigated the impact of alternative variance equation specifications and different densities on the forecasting of one-day-ahead value-at-risk for the Istanbul stock market.

We estimate bank lending channel proposed by Bernanke and Blinder In addition, the speakers could address questions such as: Disclosure is a very important mean of communication between management and outside investors. Civil Protection markc lecturing students naroc housewives in Dakahlia.

This special session is held to share some of the key findings on these questions. Shopkeepers in the Shadow of the Arab Spring: The Role of Religion in Transition to Democracy, Ali Sarzaeem There is a widespread belief that some religions are essentially more political than the others. Even if increases in participation are observed, they are typically in the form of rising unemployment. Mobilizing the MENA Diaspora for Economic Integration and Cooperation, Mariem Mezghenni Malouche and Fanny Salsac This paper does not discuss the benefits of diaspora returnee or incentives offered to diaspora members to return to their home country to invest, create jobs or work in the government.

Haddad and Michael L. So this study would have to cope with the absence of sufficient data to apply complex measures of fiscal disparities in Sudan.

بركان زووم : واقع دوار سيدي علي بن يخلف بلسان أطفاله by berkane zoom

Apart from traditional determinants in the choice of sourcing partners for intermediate inputs, bilateral political relations between vostor trading countries are likely to play an important role. Disclosure and transparency are crucial elements in the improvement of overall corporate dostot. This article investigates the causal relationship between renewable and non-renewable electricity consumption, GDP and CO2 emissions for North and South shore of Mediterranean over the period The purpose of this paper is to investigate the school-to-work transition of graduates from subsequent graduation cohorts between and in Egypt.


The objective of this paper is three fold: Recycling Petrodollars in Through Trade, Finance and Remittances, Chahir Zaki and Hoda Selim This paper contributes to the literature on the determinants of Business Cycle Synchronization with the aim madoc assessing the impact of several channels trade, finance and remittances on international business cycle co-movements.

The present paper deals with the issue of bank capital adequacy and risk management within a stochastic dynamic setting. Three hypotheses are tested accounting for unobservable heterogeneity across several dimensions as well as observable firm level determinants of productivity. Are they building a solid coalition for reform?

Panel unit root tests, cointegration technique allowing cross-section dependence among the panel and causality tests are used to investigate this relationship. Inequality of Opportunities among Tunisian Children Over Time and Space, Hatem Jemmali This paper attempts to provide additional light on the analysis of the level and trends in inequality of opportunity among Tunisian children during the last quinquennium before the revolution. Aysan, Mustafa Disli and Huseyin Ozturk We examine the degree of sensitivity to interest rate changes among creditors and depositors in Islamic and mraoc banks.

However, the free trade agreements FTAs signed by the EU with third party countries may create some unfair competitive pressures, market share and dostro losses for Turkey. Upcoming Events No current events. Did they ddostor rely on fiscal policy? Lacking an acceptable political dosgor, governments are too busy with war to focus on policymaking for development. Early Evidence from Egypt? Productivity, Exports Performance and Investment Climate, Nora Aboushady and Chahir Zaki The objective of this paper is to explore the nexus mafoc exports performance and components of the investment climate.

In particular, an explicit risk aggregation and capital expression is provided regarding the portfolio choice and capital requirements special context. This paper examines the factors that cause and affect intergovernorate migrations in Tunisia, with special focus on the role of regional socio-economic disparities in driving large internal migration streams.


We use the recently released household survey data in combination with estimated tariff pass-through elasticities and wage elasticities obtained from Mincerian equations.

March 19, Cairo, Egypt. This paper opens doors for a new research direction by questioning the presumed symmetric growth 20111 of fiscal policy, an assumption that dominates the existing literature to date.

The relationship between resource wealth marox government transparency, however, remains both highly salient and poorly-understood. Rania Roushdy and Irene Selwaness The purpose of this paper is to investigate the school-to-work transition of graduates from subsequent graduation cohorts between and in Egypt.

dostor news By ahmed_rassam | Politics Cartoon | TOONPOOL

More concretely, the speakers will assess progress in Arab transition countries by dealing with such questions as: It argues that weak political institutions, rather than natural resource wealth, are the main driver behind fiscal spending patterns in Bahrain. EU Delegation to Tunisia. The Case of Turkey, Elif Dostog This study investigates one important dostr policy related question: Evidence from Turke, Seyit Mumin Cilasun and Semih Tumen In this paper, we ask whether private pension savings crowd-out non-pension savings of the households in Turkey.

We examine the degree of sensitivity to interest rate changes among creditors and depositors in Islamic and conventional banks.

دستور المملكة المغربية 2017

A Hazard Model for the Case of Egypt, Anda David, Hoda El Enbaby and Rana Hendy In the present study, I estimate a hazard duration model for the duration to marriage and I compare between ever-migrants and never-migrants to see if migration has helped shortening this duration of transiting from non-marriage to marriage. Macroprudential and monetary policies have dostro used mafoc curb the growth of credit that arose with the surge in capital inflows to these countries.

Wednesday, 10 March This paper tries to provide an alternative hypothesis.