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Tara Herpecheveux, whose head is covered with glowing, golden, dreadlock-like curls of hair, wants Parker to introduce her to kids all over. About 4 chapters later Parker noticed that his dreadlock was twitching and had a Shusterman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Tara Russell. Updated 22 February Transcript. Book and Beyond. Tara Russell. Period 3. Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman.

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It really disappointed me. Then some of the parts were just so slow it took me a shustrrman just to read them. NealShusterman December 22, I came in thirty minutes later to start him on math, and I couldn’t tear him away from the book. I’ve scanned a few of the other reviews and this is the start of a fusion series that is supposed to be ablend of two mythos into a new tale.

Grove Junior High School Library: Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman (Dark Fusion Series)

As a speaker, Neal is in constant demand at schools and conferences. Parker Baer is spoiled. Nov 05, Riley Chenard rated it it was amazing. Jul 16, Kaethe rated it it was ok Shelves: Because of that and the unexpected ending, I had to elevate it above so many others. His sister and brother got presents on HIS bir Dread Locks is a book meant for people who like to read books that are about regular people meeting irregular people who change people after having a short conversation with them.

Neal Shusterman simply won’t ever settle for anything less than the very best that he has to offer, and the big winner is his readers, who have been the beneficiaries of a long line of his outstanding novels from Unwind to Full TiltThe Shadow Club to Bruiser.

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Aug 02, Elora Mitchell rated it it was amazing. That’s one of the advantages of home school — flexible schedule. Parker watches, fascinated, as one by one Tara chooses high school students to befriend; he even helps her by making the necessary introductions. Parker Baer as an adult. Shustdrman not unhappy, he has real friends not frenemies. By agreeing to sign up for this mailing list, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Also by Neal Nwal.

I would recommend this book for junior high students, as the writing may feel too young for high schoolers, and the content may feel too old for elementary schoolers. His most recent read was Everlost, which is a much longer book.

Tara has long, tight curls and an intense personality that draws others to her.


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Actually better references to Goldilocks and the Three Bears The Goldilocks segments are limited to a superiority complex that led to a character justification for breaking and entering. This book is very interesting. What happened to Parker right before the end was the main reason I love this book.

I bought this for myself, thinking it was a bit old for my ten year old the characters are highschoolersbut because it was free of language and innuendo, I thought it appropriate for my ten-year-old who loved Percy Jackson. God bless Neal Shusterman. Why don’t the monsters ever get to win? About Neal Shusterman Neal Shusterman is an award-winning author dreadloccks screenwriter. Thank you, Drsadlocks Shusterman. The writing style did not hold my attention.

DREAD LOCKS by Neal Shusterman | Kirkus Reviews

Parker and Tara became close friends. Neal Shusterman lives in Southern California with his children Brendan, Jarrod, Joelle, and Erin, who are a constant source of inspiration!


Return to Book Page. He has an obnoxious older brother, Garrett, and an irritable little sister, Katrina. Please try again later. Parker fears that Tara is at the root of all of these problems. It might have been, dare I say, educational to reveal that Medusa was a dresdlocks renowned for her beauty until she was punished to become the hideous monster of well known myth. We simply learn that no, the myth of Medusa as ugly is merely wrong.

Sorry, your nsal cannot share posts by email. Maybe it works very well for the younger audience, but Parker’s slowness on the uptake was maddening. But Tara’s strangeness, and undeniable attractability, is a hodge-podge of attributes–she’s exotically beautiful, has the strangest blond dread locks, always wears mirrored sunglasses, and has an aversion to the belief of personal property.

When we stop growing we immediately start dying, regardless of our circumstances, and so we always need that push to movement to keep us from growing fatally complacent.

The characters are well drawn and believable, which doesn’t surprise me because I’ve enjoyed the few books by Shusterman that I’ve read. I gave it to Haley, selling it on the Greek mythology angle, and he agreed to give it a try.

And, since I finished this in one morning, it’s clearly the sort of book that shusternan you and makes you want to keep reading. By the time Parker realizes what Tara is doing, he is too embroiled to stop her.