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Real Food Liz/Liz Wolfe is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC My book, Eat the Yolks, is a Wall Street Journal AND an Amazon. Eat the Yolks has ratings and reviews. Rebecca said: There’s a lot to like in this book. Wolfe is funny and engaging and she is very readable. Amazon UK Barnes & Noble Indie Bound. Home. EatTheYolks · look inside. Copyright © Liz Wolfe, NTP & Eat The Yolks. Website by BrightCoconut.

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Or they admonish an unsuspecting populace to avoid ingredients that are good for them. Although she isn’t as accreditated as some of the other authors, most of which are doctors, she is part of the NTP Nutritional Therapy Association wolge, which is something you could literally go online right now and get your certification for so And we need to get away from all those ‘easy to fix’ processed foods.

Mar 10, Allison rated it it was amazing. Jan 31, Well Read Southerner Blog rated it really liked it. I was surprised that I didn’t see footnotes or more extensive citing of research. In Eat the Yolks, Liz Wolfe sorts yoolks, disputes, and corrects common beliefs and misinformation about food.

I’m assuming that the author’s writing rhe and humor won’t appeal to everyone, though. Or her indictment of studies that don’t carefully parse correlation and causation, which she then goes on to do herself through insinuation and use of the “rhetorical question” the section on sunscreen jumps out at me here, where she doesn’t acknowledge climate change as a confounding factor for skin cancer.


It was a good balance of scientific research and humorous enough to avoid becoming mundane and overwhelming. It is very my a book, not a to-do lizz. There is no attitude, and the author is entertaining.

Balanced diets, with the four food groups.

About my book: EAT THE YOLKS!

Finally, if we are going to acknowledge that our ancestors started eating meat so their noggins could get bigger, we also have to acknowledge that phasing out hunting and gathering for an agrarian lifestyle also allowed us to grow our noggins, ’cause it did, having extra time to rest and exercise them and all.

There lz still IGF, but removing casein makes the dairy decision more complicated. Nutrition doesn’t come in a box, bag or capsule. Doctors aren’t really taught nutrition in school.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There was an error submitting your subscription. Blue Email Signup Bar! And knowing that it originated from a sex negative doctor in the 19th century who wanted his psych patients to masturbate less? I particularly like the ending: Mar 14, Kelly rated it it was amazing.

Home – Eat The Yolks

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. It’s okay to eat the yolks! Well worth the time spent reading it.

Thirty years of avoiding eggs, luz margarine over butter, and seeking out “low-fat” versions of processed foods have left us with an obesity epidemic, ever-rising rates of chronic disease, and above all, total confusion about what to eat and why. One strange thing for me was that Wolfe kept saying to eat beneficial organ meats if you dare. It’s okay to use real butter instead of those processed fats and margarine.


I did not find this book to be compelling. In Eat the Yolks, Liz Wolfe dismantles today’s myths about fat, protein, carbs, calories and nutrients to finds the truths—truths like: They probably didn’t live long enough to acquire the diseases of aging that we are facing now. Whole grains aren’t healthy. Great explanation about why the foods we’ve been told to shun should be back on our plates. But, the same thing can be said of meat and dairy, and in fact is said about meat and dairy, even by Wolfe herself.

Thirty years of avoiding eggs, choosing margarine over butter, and seeking out “low-fat” versions of processed foods have left us with an obesity epidemic, ever-rising rates of chronic disease, and above all, total confusion abou Eat whole grains.

It seems written for a narrow audience – those wolge for reinforcement of existing beliefs.