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View and Download Eclipse AVNE owner’s manual online. DVD Video/USB Multi-Source Receiver/7” Wide Screen Monitor/Navigation/Built-In Bluetooth. /ECLIPSE” I Quick Start guide • English· 2 Espanal 28 G Fran~ais •••• 54 e cP FUJITSU TEN I For the safe usage of this device We appreciate your purchase of . FREE 2-day Shipping: Stunning graphics, superior performance Eclipse pulls out all the stops with the AVNE navigation receiver, Our take on the Eclipse AVNE by Crutchfield’s Zak Billmeier Eclipse AVNE Owner’s manual.

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Accuracy and Error ,anual searching for a route, the route display may not appear in time for the next turn. Navigation Guidance What to Do When The panel may causepersonal injury in the case of a suddenstop or similar event.

It isopened from the Map screen. Bluetooth Audio Operation I Using Bluetooth Audio The use of Bluetooth wireless communication manuual enables a Bluetooth-compatible portable audio player henceforth “portable device” to be used as the main unit’s audio source. Si vous utilisez d’autres vis, elles risqueront d’endommager I’interieur de I’unite principale. Please read through this manual for correct operation. Las ubicaciones de los cables de senal de freno de rnano y cable de marcha atras pueden variar dependiendo del modelo y version del vehiculo.

Don’t have an account? Repeats the current file. Keep away from babies and children. Operation titleA title is assigned foreach operation. Accidents may occur as a result of not paying attention to your driving. When GPS position is available, Navigationalways rotates the map so its top faces yourdirection of travel Track-Up orientation. No dataThe iPod contains neither tracksnor video.

Touch Repeat again to cancel the repeatplay. If during the warranty service of the Product, the contents of the hard drive or any other data storage media are altered, deleted, modified or lost, Eclipse is not responsible.


M5 x 8 comme vis de montage.

If this happens, install the GPS antenna outside the vehicle. Page 82 Operation Navigation Overview During navigation, the screen shows route information and trip data left screensbut when you tap the map, additional switches and controls appear for a few seconds right screenshot.

Wait about 1 hour for the condensation to avn726d and the main unit will operate normally.

J Desmonte la mensula de transporte. The main unit should not be installed in any vehicle which does not have a 12 V power. From the Cursormenu, touch [Set as Destination] Advanced mode.

Color Pattern Setting / AVNE Online Manual / ECLIPSE

Navigation Guidance Navigation Avvn726e Demonstration Demo A simulation drives you through the route, following the driving instructions page. Setting Source Volume Control You can set a volume difference for each audio mode. Selecting Desired MusicFile3Touch the file you wish to play. Map scale 2D map only.

Incorrect wiringmay damage the main unit or interfere with safe operation of the vehicle. From here, you can access the following screens. However,Navigation also comes with a number or presaved criteria which can be used immediatelyto search for POIs. Before UseAbout This ReceiverControl Names and OperationsYou can operate elcipse receiver by pressing the buttons panel buttons or by touching theswitches displayed on the screen touch switches.

Eclipse – Fujitsu Ten ECLIPSE AVN726E user manual

Ringtone settingsFor setting to emit the cell-phone ringtones. If the unit does not work, even after the appropriate remedial action has been taken, please contact your dealer. Page OthersAbout the Steering Wheel SwitchesOn vehicles equipped with steering wheel switches, these easy-access switches can be usedto perform the main audio and other operations.


Icon The following information is displayed in three fields displayed on the Map screen. About Road And Place-name Data About Road and Place-Name Data There is always a possibility that roads and place-names will be modified after creation of the map data, in which case the provided names will differ from the actual names. Si vous lavez Ie vehicule en laissant I’antenne fixee, evitez de mouiller directement la section du cable afin d’eviter toute penetration d’eau dans Ie vehicule. In the “Navigation Menu” screen, the menu screens for Navigation and settings can be displayed.

Operation procedure Describes the operation.

Operation Adjusting sound quality Adjusting Sound Quality You can adjust sound quality in the low band, the medium band and the high band.

Please read through this manual for correct operation.

Retirez la poche et les autres accessoires du panneau combine central pour degager de j’espace pour I’unite principale. Returns to the previous music. Derecha [IDConductor de salida del parlante trasero Conectelo a los parlantes traseros. Starts fast forward operation.

Red light cameras measure traffic in the same direction. About Errors in Present Location Display Since this receiver uses information from the GPS satellite signals avn276e establish the present location, and the measurements from each of these include some error, the displayed present location may not match your actual position.

Entering the Code1Touch Other on the preferentialsubtitle language setting screen. No colorwill be assigned to the TrackLog. Touch the command you wish to set.