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Poetics of Relation · Rhizome (philosophy) ·. Influences[show]. Aimé Césaire · Frantz Fanon ·. Influenced[show]. Barbara Cassin ·. Édouard Glissant (21 September – 3 February ) was a French writer, poet. In Poetics of Relation, Édouard Glissant sets himself a project that is both immense and ineluctable. If, as Glissant supposes, we cannot help. EDOUARD GLISSANT. Poetics of Relation. translated fry Betsy Wing. Ann Arbor. THE liNivERSITr OF MICHIGAN PREss.

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The poem also depicts the worthlessness of slaves as they were expelled from their “womb” when they no longer required ‘protection’ or transport from within it. As his translator Betsy Wing notes, Glissant constantly destabilises French, creating new linguistic formulations in order to mimic the transformations of a living language and the poetica of culture that he sees as productive of Relation.

You must provide copyright attribution in the edit summary by providing an interlanguage link to the source of your translation. John Hopkins U, This poem also erouard an arguable communal feeling through shared relationship to the abyss of personal identity. Es handelt sich um eine historische Website. Born in Martinique inGlissant earned a doctorate from the Sorbonne.

Glissant adapts post-Lacanian theory glissatn the contemporary global milieu in a number of useful, intersectionally-minded ways. Paperbackpages. We need to put an end to the idea of a border that defends and prevents.

Ironically, the next day, Mamadou Soumare would tell me to relay to Glissant that, even though his French was rudimentary, he understood what the philosophers and poets at the conference were saying.

Inhe published one of his most famous essais, Le Discours Antillais, in which Glissant discusses the Antillean reality from multiple approaches—literary, sociological, historical, and anthropological. A model attribution edit summary using German: To that end, I wondered how a former illegal immigrant would fit in, and how he would speak for himself.

He suggested that we needed to enter into a state of world and mind that was less prone to discovery and conquest, and to espouse a philosophy of relation that looked at our differences not as that which divide us, but which link us individually and collectively in the Tout-Mondewhere the communication between our intuitions knew no frontiers of language, territory, or power.

Édouard Glissant

This translation of Glissant’s work preserves the resonating quality of his prose and makes the richness and ambiguities of his voice accessible to readers in English. As Glissant notes in Philosophie de la Relation: Please poteics improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Borders must be permeable; they must not be weapons against migration or immigration processes.


Glissant, the octogenarian, laments the fact that he was no longer able to hear the sound of the cascading river water coming down from the mountain of Bezaudin, his native village in Martinique.

Michael Dash University Press of Virginia, One World in Relation. Glissant’s notions of identity as constructed in relation and not in isolation are germane not only to discussions of Caribbean creolization but also to our understanding of U. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There, I suddenly understood that whatever film I was going to make on Glissant would have to include the Atlantic and the natural vegetation of Martinique, to bring those two places into relation, and to make them echo beyond the inextricable divisions of race, gender and class.

Jun 24, Sara-Maria Sorentino rated it really liked it. I was now more than anxious to meet our man from Mali, while at the same time hoping that he and I would not disappoint Glissant by exhibiting an exclusive ethnic identity our Negritudeor by being too exotic authentic-indigenous people according to anthropology.

Édouard Glissant – Wikipedia

Glissant is a tough read. However, Glissant rejects this transparency and defends opacity and difference because other modes of understanding do exist. Every time I read this, I can only jump across it, skimming back and forth through the pages.

We cry our cry of poetry. In sum, Glissant the poet became a philosopher to reveal the fluidity of relation beyond the closed doors of systems of discrimination, segregation, and rejection, and to fdouard that difference is more constructive when viewed as a by-product of solidarity and conciliation between two or more elements of the Tout-Monde. Edouard Glissant was born in Saint-Marie, Martinique in to a family of five children.

Poetics of Relation

As it is open to all possible particulars, creolization necessarily excludes the possibility of futurity. Micheal Rumore rated it it was amazing Sep 16, He said to tell Glissant that even though he, Mamadou, spoke only elementary French, he understood relqtion everybody was saying in the conference. This section does not cite any sources. Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality.

Glissant, Edouard

For Glissant, all identity is produced and extended in relation to the Other. InGlissant died at the age of eighty-two in Paris. Glissant applies it to creolization where roots meet and share cultural bounds to form an identity. Generally speaking, his thinking seeks to interrogate notions of centre, origin and linearity, embodied in his distinction between atavistic and composite cultures, which has influenced subsequent Martinican writers’ trumpeting of hybridity as the bedrock of Caribbean identity and their “creolised” approach to textuality.


As the boat is the vessel that permits the transport of known to unknown, all share the loss of sense of self with one another.

One of the lessons that my meeting with Mamadou Soumare taught me was that for my film, like for everything else concerning Glissant, the forms of communication among and between people and their environment were intuitive and opaque.

Eddouard influence on the next, third, generation of francophone writers, and not just Martinican writers, can hardly be overstated. As such, I considered his collection of essays Caribbean Discourse 4for example, as a treatise of post-Negritude criticism. Thus the only totality we can consider for our world is one of chaos, not in a meaningless, nihilistic way, but eduard a way that will always escape our full understanding and glisssant.

Lists with This Book. Marie rated it really liked it Jul 12, How rewarding to find a text in the last moments of this century that has absorbed quantum physics, jazz, modernist poetics, mathematics, and all for the sake of adding to the discourse of our planetary reality. Except where otherwise noted, this work is subject fo a Creative Commons Attribution 3.

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Now I realized that they both wanted me to relay a message to edouwrd other, that they were using me as yet another pathway, not a cleared road, but glisssant trace of one, for their relation. Glissant said that he and his circle of French intellectuals and activists had worked hard in the summer of to stop the French government from deporting this man and his family, along with several hundred other Malians, back to their country.

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