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Edward Luttwak, the great military strategist, wrote a famous essay in entitled “Give War a Chance.” He was not kidding. The piece. The Civilian Cost of War and What This Means for Sendero. The Military 1 Edward N. Luttwak, ‘Give War a Chance’, Foreign Affairs 78/. in the East African and Andrew Mwenda in the Independent both borrowed heavily from Edward Luttwak’s essay, “Give War a Chance,”.

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The song summarized protest against the chanve and the ethos of the times. Peace and love were in the air. By the way, neither is a soldier nor threatened by conscription. Any argument about making war or making peace, like any binary distinction, is bound to fail.

Give War a Chance

Life is much too complicated for simple answers. Nonetheless, there are obvious dispositions in people and political parties to favor one or the other. And there are obviously moments in history when one or the other is predominant. After 50 years of confrontation and billions of dollars spent on armies, proxy wars, and global fears of mutual assured destruction, Americans were looking forward to reducing defense budgets and no longer living under the threat of a nuclear holocaust.


A collective sigh of relief was exhaled. This euphoria did not last long. September 11,exploded the illusion of universal peace.

A new era of fear, edwadd and military spending began. Instead of a clear and present danger and enemy, the situation this time was more diffuse.

Disinterest and Frivolity: Assessing Luttwak’s ‘Give War a Chance’

Terrorists and terrorism are not the same as the Soviet Union and communism, although the Islamic State is now presented as a unified entity. The final message of the Cold War and the War on Terror is similar; there is an enemy that must be combatted. We must be prepared and on constant high alert. No peace dividend from the end of one confrontation is possible; eternal vigilance is needed although the enemy has changed.

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This vigilance has taken on new forms; the enemy has a different name, but the high quotient of fear is still there. The response to this state of perpetual war does chwnce have to be pacifism. The use of force has not been outlawed by the United Nations.

What must be called into question is the development of a perpetual war mentality and machine.

The Swiss army, for example, is continually redefining its goals and objectives, not only reducing the number of soldiers, but also changing its analysis of risks. The view from Washington has not changed. While terrorism has been added to the list, the Russian threat continues to be played as if the Beltway remains in a time warp.


Putin is the new Hitler. According to the predominant U. Send troops to the Baltics to bolster the wxr line of defense. Here they come again! Neo-conservatives are now being called the War Party. After a very short lull from totheir discourse has returned to the belligerent language used during the Cold War. Act tough and carry a big stick; forget the carrot.

We have the hammer, find the nails. In fact, the latter has been with us far longer than the former. Perhaps the former will go down in history as an aberration, a very short moment of euphoria in an otherwise endless march of belligerence, confrontation and war. International Le 21 mars Chanfe to Understand Collective Heroism and Responsibility. Il faudrait lire mes livres: