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Subject Code: EE Subject Name: Data Structures and Algorithms. Type: Lecture Notes. Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type. EE Data Structures and Algorithms – SUBJECT CATALOG. SUBJECT RESOURCES: to search more about this subject. SYLLABUS. Content: EE / EE 36 / EE / Data Structures and Algorithms May/June Question Paper EEE 3rd Semester Regulation

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Retarded potential, Hertzian dipole, Antenna pattern, directivity and gain. Sources of electromagnetic field; Classification; Potentials; Boundary conditions.

Loop and modal equations. Fee electron theory of metals, elementary ideas about zone and band theory of syllaus, Classification of conductors, semiconductors and insulators, Hall effect, P-n junction. Remote control for home appliances. Systems Classification and their properties. Transformer for special purposes – pulse, high frequency, rectifier, welding, isolation.

Operation as generator – separately and self excited modes. Newton-cotes, Gauss quadratures Difference Equations. Fundamental Mode Sequential Machines: It is managed by Balaji MC Admin. Analyses of electrical circuits Laplace transform. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Law of magneto static-vector potential, Boundary value problems in magneto static, current sheet and flux sheet.


Contact hours per week: Introduction to Indian, international ISO standards. Types and construction, production of starting torque, double revolving field theory, equivalent circuit, performance analysis, maximization of starting torque, testing. Three-Phase circuits balanced and sjllabus, Power measurements Feed-back systems, Massons formula and signal flow graph.

Special constructional features- Cruciform section, mitered joints, winding arrangements, cooling methodologies, Conservators and breathers. Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Matrix methods and network theorems. Generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, AC and DC systems, underground and overhead lines.

Image and scattering parameters, insertion syllzbus.

EE Data Structures and Algorithms – Lecture Notes (Einstein Edition)

Generation of design ideas: Car reversing horn with flasher. Network Elements and Their Characterization: Vector groups; parallel operation and load sharing, phase conversion. Special constructional ee204 and limitations. Induction generator, Induction regulators.

Two winding transformers, ampere turns balance, Phasor diagram, referred parameters equivalent circuit; Voltage regulation; No load current waveforms.

Data Structures And Algorithms EE2204 ND13 3rd Semester Question Paper

Human factors, economic factors, optimization and reliability design of electrical equipment and systems, Technical Aspects: Introduction to two-port network synthesis. Loop and Nodal Methods of Analysis: Flux meter, measurement of permeability, magnetic losses.


Signals Mathematical descriptions of deterministic signals, signals classification. Design of counters, shift- registers.

Ee2204 syllabus pdf

Concept of Generalized Machine theory EE Product solution method of solving Laplaces equation in Rectangular; Spherical and Cylindrical coordinate systems; Methods of Images; Field plotting methods. Characteristics of linear time-invariant networks, relationships syllbaus different network parameters, interconnections of networks. Analog switches and multiplexers. Introduction, flip- flops, edge-triggered flip-flops, excitation table. Network topology-Graph theoretical models of electrical networks and systems.

Finite difference equivalent of Laplaces equation; Iteration and relaxation methods; Introduction to Finite Element method, Method of moments and charge simulation method, introduction to FEM package. Laser Guided Door Opener. Application of field theory to electrical devices. Algebra of Operators and Interpolation: Anti theft alarm for bikes.