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Operation and Maintenance of Electrochlorination Plant. Introduction. Sodium Hypochlorite is a powerful biocide and oxidizing agent that has been widely. Guide to electrochlorination plant and the treatment of swimming pool water. The use of chlorine gas as a disinfectant for swimming pool water caused several. Sodium Hypochlorite is a powerful biocide and oxidizing agent that has been widely used in seawater cooling system to avoid the biofouling by marine.

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Electrochlorination is the next step in the evolution of this process. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In operation, the electrochlorinator cell is supplied with seawater from the engine sea water cooling system that passes through the titanium anode and cathode electrodes which have a DC current supplied. The anode electrodes are coated with a catalyst containing mixed metal oxides, essential for the production of chlorine electrochllrination hydrolysis.

This is achieved by the direct injection of hypochlorite that is produced by an electrochlorination unit into the seawater inlet sea chests as described in the next section. Electrochlorination Using Anti Biofouling Titanium Electrodes A typical ekectrochlorination electrochlorination plant electrochlorinatiin a self-contained unit usually mounted on a steel skid ready for installation in an engine room.

A typical modern electrochlorination plant is a self-contained unit usually mounted on a steel skid ready for installation in an engine room.

The first step is removing the solid excess from the saltwater. Bi-polar Electrolyzer is applicable for larger capacity which is app. The main idea involved is the desalination of water to produce a chlorinated solution. When this happens, the electrolysis is triggered and sodium hypochloride is instantly produced as well as hydrogen gas H2.

Year of Establishment One of the problems associated with the sea water cooling systems is biofouling of the internal surfaces that is normally taken care of by the mixing and injection of chemicals to the seawater inlet chests. Seawater is used for a number of purposes in a ships engine room, with the most important function being to supply such components as the main oil and water coolers through a system of pipework, using seawater cooling pumps.


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Electrochlorination (Power plant)

No chemicals other than ordinary salt, or sodium chloride NaClare used throughout the entirety of the process. When this happens, the electrolysis is triggered and sodium hypochlorite is instantly produced as well as hydrogen gas H 2.

In addition, the sodium hypochlorite produced is in the range of Number of Employees 11 to 25 People. Daiki Hychlorator has a lot of experiences of Mono-polar type in Japan.

Electrochlorination – Wikipedia

Call Send a quick message. Electrochlorination is the process of producing hypochlorite by running an electric current through salt water. View Contact Call Seller Now. An innovative system using electrolysis has been developed to produce sodium chlorite, a known anti-biofouling agent, which can be pumped directly into the eoectrochlorination sea water inlet sea chest.

This promotes the action of electrolysis of the sodium chloride contained in seawater, forming hypochlorous ions through hydrolysis.

This is a marine article on the use of titanium electrodes in the production of sodium chlorite, and we begin with an overview of an engine room cooling system using electrochlorimation from the shipside inlet chests, being circulated through the various components by the cooling water pumps.

This means that the chemical is relatively neutral in regards to acidity or baseness. Suitable for disinfection of fresh lpant generators produced drinking water against bacteria, as well as biofouling of the operating components surfaces. The mechanical equipment includes metering and injection pumps, sampling elements, piping, valves, and the hypochlorite storage vessel. By injecting Sodium Hypochlorite generated from Daiki Hychlorator, you electrochlorinxtion prevent bio-fouling in the cooling system to keep healthy operation of your plant.

Single or multiple biofoulers are capable of impeding the flow of seawater through the seawater cooler tubes, plates, and system piping.

Electrochlorination Plant, Electrochemical Plant – Trans Energetics, Chennai | ID:

Since then we are committed to provide products of international standards that meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. After hydrogen has been removed from the solution, it is stored in a tank as the finished product. The main idea involved is the electrolysis of water to produce a chlorinated solution.


Bi-polar Electrolyzer Bi-polar Electrolyzer is applicable for larger capacity which is app. Get in Touch with electrochlorinatioj Trans Energetics. This happens when elecrochlorination is inserted into electrolyzer cells. Overview of an Engine Room Seawater Circulating System Ships marine diesels and steam turbine engines require their lube-oil and water to be cooled, in order to maintain their optimum engine operating temperatures and efficiency.

Electro Chlorination System can generate Sodium Hypochlorite from Seawater to prevent bio-fouling of the pipeline and cooling system of the plant. In case high concentration shock dosing is required, tank system is adequate.

Product Description We are counted a prominent name in this domain involved in offering a wide assortment of Electrochlorination Plant to our clients. The excess random chemicals electrochlorintion left untouched and can be easily discarded.

Products The product of this process, sodium hypochlorite, contains 0.

By electrolysis, copper ion is generated and make antifouling coating in piping to prevent bio-fouling in piping. Customer satisfaction is our goal and we make relentless efforts to achieve that.

Effective against all biofouling, injection pumps can deliver continuous or pulse dosing, directly to the shipside seawater suction chest. Get in Touch with us Water Treatment Company.

Electrochlorination Plant

I agree to electrochlorinatoin terms and privacy policy. These hypochlorous ions react with the bromides that are also contained in seawater to produce hypochlorite. This is used to disinfect water and make it safe for human use, such as for drinking water or swimming pools.

NaClO generated by Daiki Hychlorator can disinfect seawater in the sea chest. On occasion, companies will want to use seawater for leectrochlorination process due to its extreme low obtaining cost.