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Decision at Thunder Rift has ratings and 42 reviews. Battletech is the exciting and innovative role-playing game of a future world that combines non-. BattleTech Legenden 01 – Gray Death 1: Entscheidung am Thunder Rift (German Edition) – Kindle edition by William H. Keith Jr., Reinhold H. Mai. Download it. Entscheidung am Thunder Rift. Battletech. Erster Roman der Gray Death- Trilogie . [William H. Keith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Want to Read saving…. Lovely action, drama, and explosive action. While this is much more grounded in real physics then most anime I’ve seen, it might provide an interesting avenue for those fans as well.

Battletech has a huge backstory and I appreciated this book in that enyscheidung focused on a small corner of that universe. Aug 03, Bradley rated it it was amazing.

I was looking for thuunder fun licensed sci-fi book. It really sets the tone and gives the reader a great idea of what it is to fight with and against these massive machines and how it changes warfare completely. Ahora toca buscar las otras dos novelas para completar la historia. This was the author’s first book and he managed to parley it into a long career as a writer so there’s that.

Good, took a while to draw me in though. I would recommend this as someone’s first Battletech novel. In short if you aren’t a battletech nerd you probably won’t be too into this. Aug 07, Lee rated it liked it Shelves: We’ve got giant robots fighting giant robots, giant robots fighting hovercraft, giant robots fighting people, if there’s something to be fought, you’re going to find a giant robot fighting it! Feb 23, Michael T Bradley rated it did not like it.

Also, codes of honor mean that the most effective weapons, the BattleMechs, are used sparingly. What dooms the book is that the characters are drawn so shallowly that to call them 1 dimensional One star but add 4 stars to that review if you are 12 year old me. Tons of typos and formatting errors came across their conversion of print to digital, and rict was obvious they didn’t check it very thoroughly, if at all.


Entscheidung am Thunder Rift

They are garrisoned on the world of Trellwan a world of extremes where the year is 45 standard days long, and the day is 30 standard days long. Bill Keith was raised in the mountains of western Pennsylvania, thundr served in the Navy as a corpsman for many years.

It’s not all mech-on-mech, however, but I was impressed with the personal combat scenes.

Great story, plenty of action. Said power plays are, unfortunately, rather uninteresting and confusing while still ostensibly relevant, and the revenge story is bog-standard. Mass Market Paperbackpages. This is an excellent entry into the Battletech universe if you are looking to get into this franchise. This review is specific to the digital Kindle version.

I would also say, if someone at Catalyst Game Labs is listening, is that they need a good copy editor.

The battles are small and personal. The prose repeats itself a lot, describing thing over and over again using the Emtscheidung a fan of the setting, I’ve got to say I enjoyed the book.

Indeed, beyond the politicing part of every Battletech novel, the true strength of the novel is in the action sequences. It’s decent military Sci-Fi.

Decision at Thunder Rift by William H. Keith Jr.

Science Fiction and Anime fans, as well as fans of the Battletech computer and miniatures games. I didn’t go in to this expecting a masterpiece that changed the game, and made me think. No trivia or quizzes yet. The next in chronological order trilogy is by Michael Stackpole, so that’ll be my do thunxer die series. Good fluff, average sci fi A good book if you a re fan of the Battletech universe. The story is an exciting one, there’s some far future, giant robot swashbuckling going on and the imagery put me in mind of my younger days of playing battletech for long hours late into the night, piloting some of the very same mechs detailed in the book.


The peripheral characters feel similarly irrelevant and two-dimensional, making it difficult to care about their fates, and all the setting exposit A Battlemech pilot’s father is killed not a spoiler, because the book practically begins with the eventand he must take revenge while engaging in neo-feudal power plays typical of the Battletech universe. The first Battletech novel I’ve read and a great entry into the world. It’s a bit action movie but sometimes that’s what you’re after!

I was enjoying the new PC game and was happy to see some of the old books available in epub for cheap. Otherwise, take the price point for what it means and take a pass–but do look elsewhere thujder thus wonderful title.

Sep 25, Ian rated it liked it. May 13, Drinkinwookie rated it did not like it. If I can’t stand it also, I guess Battletech is dead to me. A fantastic Battletech and Military Science Fiction novel. Now, reading the first Battletech novel, it feels nostalgic. I’m a fan of Battletech and this scratched the itch I had so it gets three stars. The peripheral characters feel thundeer irrelevant and two-dimensional, making entscheidujg difficult to care about their fates, and all the setting exposition and dull fight scenes make the book feel like a scenario book or AAR.

Dec 29, Nlindgren rated it did not like it.

The novel starts off a little slow and spends a bit too much time setting up characters that won’t be entzcheidung or referenced for the rest of the novel, but once it gets going it doesn’t stop.