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Often referred to simply as Erdnase (or even The Bible), is an extensive book on the art of sleight of hand published in by S. W. Erdnase, a pseudonymous. One of the biggest thing in Magic at the moment is Erdnase x Madison. For those of you that don’t know, Daniel Madison has set out on a quest. The Expert at the Card Table: The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation (Dover Magic Books) [S. W. Erdnase] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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I’ve read erdnase cover to cover so i KNOW how erdbase value is in it” is really just saying, “Hey, i read im sorry, i ‘studied’ this old book which probably wouldnt be relevant anymore if us ‘hardcore’ magicians didnt respect the ‘art’ so much. Honestly, I still don’t understand why people are freaking out over E x M. Share This Page Tweet. Personally, I think Madison is already better than Erdanse. Find Out how to pay. Henry Holt and Co. But besides the point of E x M, I’m talking more so erdnnase the book.

Dai Vernon was most famous for his intense study of this work, and maybe that says something about the book.

Notify me of new posts by email. But that context informs a very real danger that a member of our community is living right now. I don’t know everythingbut I do know when I see a recurring pattern. Levitation Equivocation Misdirection Sleight of hand.


View our Frequent Questions. Views Read Edit View history. I’m sure it is a great book.

Is The Expert at The Card Table really all that?

All the major moves he got caught with, as well as his personal favorite moves are not in the book. I personally think it is just overrated. He has mastered all the moves, and has turned away from card cheating, becoming a magician. Retrieved January 13, Customer Reviews erenase 1 – 10 of You might find yourself like I did, working for months on one sleight. Fundamental techniques we still use, but not nearly enough if you want to get ahead The debate itself is painfully useless.

I stayed true to reading it but found S. I know you want that out of a product: Unlike Royal Road, this book felt less “journey like” and more sporadic.

Madison embraced the good with the bad in these responses. No, create an account now.

Is Expert at the Card Table Worth Reading?

Erdanse magicians Yann Yuro S. Anyone else see this email? There is really a lot to be found ersnase this book it’s like bobo’s modern coin magic, if you get this you can be kept busy for a very long time and since there is such a variety you can choose which ones you want and what ones don’t like and it doesn’t matter if you don’t use it all because it is super cheap anyway!


Have a question about this product? More than any other book on card magic, Expert at the card Table has played a central role in the training of magicians.

It didn’t really have enough illustrations for some of the more technical moves. But we’ve moved past it.

The Expert at the Card Table – Wikipedia

I just don’t give it the time it truly deserves. Should it be essential reading for beginners?

Errnase it a good book? Erdnase demonstrates his own systems dxpert false shuffling, false riffling anc cutting, dealing from the bottom and such slick moves as palming cards, “skinning the hand,” even three-card monte.

If you listen to the in depth Madison gave, he started by wanting to give an all out tribute to Erdnase, but realized he is probably skilled enough to teach it.

This has some of the basics to the very advanced in card sleights.

Is Expert at the Card Table Worth Reading?

Just a heads up. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic.

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