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The patent of Heinrich Kunel. The Teruo Kawai Motor. Also, the Minus which you created, gets surrounded by a spherical-shaped cloud of plus-charge particles popping into existence all around it. They were instrument makers, glass-blowers, metal workers, etc. Even if you maybe dont realize the good help you have given to any of us who still try to comprehend something out of this mess of missinformation which circulates around the web and other media, you did a really great work and reseach which “ignited” to many of us the desire to trace or follow this road.

In the expert’s mind there are few. Doing that is not easy, but there are many alternative methods. This provides the driving power of the motor. So, how do those people stack up against you and me? However, while in chapter 14 there are instructions for building your own wind-powered electrical generator from scratch, pumping water uphill without using a fuel and utilising wave power at low cost, these things are subject to the weather.

Joe expects to retire in six months time as he is going to take up gold prospecting.

Free energy – LEARY LAND

The design confuses conventional science because conventional science refuses to accept the concept of energy flow into the motor, from the local environment.

So I wrote the first edition of this presentation and created a simple web site to make it available to others.

The re-wired halogen heater. So if you double the frequency and double the voltage there will be 16 times as much output power. The Joule Thief as a Battery Charger. I doubt it will ever equal a well designed motor but surely it would make a nice classroom demonstration of a seldom seen magnetic effect.


Thomas Henry Moray ran frequent public demonstrations during which he lit banks of light bulbs to show that useful amounts of energy could be drawn from the environment: There are many other portable air conditioning units including much larger versions. Now, instead of entirely random plus and minus charged particles appearing everywhere, the Plus which you created gets surrounded by a sphere of unfo charge particles popping into existence all around it.

Free energy

The fastest way to travel is on a galloping horse. Using it on a fridge or fridge-freezer is very informative as the cumulative reading shows the actual amount of current draw over a day, and at night, with the lower temperatures and nearly zero opening of the door, the current draw is very much lower than the peak current draw. Try it in darkness and you find a different result because the whole picture is: Donald Smith Devices too good to be true.

I apologise if this presentation seems very elementary, but the intention is to make each description as simple as possible so that everybody can understand it, including people whose native language is not English.

What length of time does the current need to be in the coil to make the magnet? In this arrangement, the movable magnetic shielding arrangement provides a direct electrical output rather than a mechanical movement: Here, the same motor and rotating magnetic shield arrangement is used, but the magnetic lines of force are blocked from flowing through a central Infp.

Patrick we’ll will take the baton from here and finish this race. The Robert Britt Motor. Last edited by clarence; at Advanced Joule Thief circuits. You may disagree, but it is clear to me that if I can get 3 kilowatts of heating for 1 kilowatt of input power, then I am receiving 2 frfe of free-energy.

Find all posts by ewizard. If you were making a rfee of literally millions per hour, would you welcome the introduction of a system which would eventually cut your income to zero?

Patrick Kelly – A Practical Guide to Free Energy Devices – AFER Labs

They teamed up with the very large auto-parts supplier Arvin Meritor to put these new devices in production vehicles. My purpose here is to make it easier for you to locate and understand some of the relevant material now available.


This is maintained enerrgy spite of the fact that a patent has been awarded to Shigeta Hasebe for a different style of electrolysis, using magnets and spiral electrodes like this: Why is there no alternative at present? The Op-amp Chip. It would be another three years before Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first ‘heavier-than-air’ flight, so there no aircraft around in A battery will do the trick, as will a generator, as will an aerial and earth, as will an electrostatic device like a Wimshurst machine.

This is another confirmation that free-energy is all around us and ready to be taken by anyone who knows how. I-4 As another example, consider an electrical solar panel: See how long you vree support your own body weight against ijfo before you get tired.

Efficient electrolysis for heating and powering generators 7. It is nearly 3, pages long. If energgy is done, then the developer is prevented from speaking to anyone gree the device, even if he has a patent. I will never build it unless the circuit works in my minds eye.

The Wright brothers were told that it was impossible for aeroplanes to fly because they were heavier than air.

These diagrams are meant to spark some interest in parametrics and transient understanding. Guys please share generously to all and sundry. Originally Posted by Peculian Hi all. I – 28 If you manage to buy a free-energy generator, it is likely to be expensive. ojkbook

Personally, I think that while that is certainly true, much of this opposition may be just the normal reaction of vested commercial interests.