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Gaston Leval. Collectives in the. Spanish revolution. Detailed account of worker- controlled agriculture, industry and public services in. Robert Graham’s Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas presents Gaston Leval on the achievements of the Spanish. Gaston Leval is the author of Collectives in the Spanish Revolution ( avg rating, 7 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), COLLECTIVES IN THE SPANISH R. .

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In Spain, since the CNT had decided not to join the International, the infiltration was much more difficult and the communists did not succeed. Unfortunately, the school was closed under the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera in Collectives in the Spanish Revolution demonstrates clearly that the working class are perfectly capable of running farms, factories, workshops, and health and public services without bosses or managers.

It encompasses at the same time the Syndicate and municipal functions. This initiative produces yaston great uproar in the congress room. Gaston showed gasotn great scepticism concerning the development of the revolution in Russia. It is for this reason we so often read that same sentence in the Charters though there had been no previous discussion between Collectives hundreds of kilometres apart: A question of euphony perhaps, and of a breadth of views, of humanism: You are commenting using your Facebook account.

The Spanish working class not only kept production going throughout the war, but in many cases managed to achieve increases in output. FSB officers then tortured the a […]. A History of Anarchism.

Leval Biography

The need for syndicates no longer exists when there are no more employers. Gaston Leval’s report to the congress of the CNT in had important consequences.

Leval soon became a political prisoner himself, after avoiding the draft during the first World War, spending many years in the prisons of Spain and Latin America.

He had thought that the French anarchists and the revolutionary syndicalists would have answered the mobilisation orders by a general strike and an insurrection.


Gaston Leval born Gastno Robert Piller October 20, — April 8, was an anarcho-syndicalistcombatant and historian of the Spanish Revolution. Therefore, the federation of anarchist groups of Barcelona appointed him as deputy delegate of the CNT and he went to Moscow in to take part in the constitutive congress of the Red unions international.

There is no antagonism between the two approaches that are different, but complementary. In there structures, workers of many industries could meet, discuss their problems, organise solidarity between different industries, compare wages, but also take actions on extra-working problems such as specific local peval housing, food, etc. I don’t know if there is anything equivalent in Anglo-Saxon countries.

We didn’t know them. These articles will constitute the basis of his report to the congress of the CNT in Saragossa in Core tenets Anarchism Anarcho-syndicalist symbolism Co-operative economics Direct action General strike Industrial unionism Syndicalism Wage slavery Workers’ cooperative Workers’ council Workers’ self-management.

Gaston Leval

Part of a series on Anarcho-syndicalism Core tenets. Now to get back to our subject, the French CGT, although there were many anarcho-syndicalists in it, made a favourable report concerning the question of joining in the Red international.

The Accumulation of Freedom. In Spain, on the contrary, the Communist party in was constituted of hardly a few thousands of members, among whom a minority of workers. The Spanish delegation was in a very strange position. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Body was a French soldier who was a member of the French expeditionary army in Russia, deserted and joined the bolchevik party. We have said and repeated that the fascist attack created a favourable situation for the libertarian sector to take over an important part of the general situation and of almost the whole economy.

Gaston Leval (Author of Collectives in the Spanish Revolution)

In a very short time, in the agrarian regions and especially in Aragon, a new organism appeared: It proves that anarchist methods of organizing, with decisions made from the bottom up, can work effectively in large-scale industry, involving the coordination of many thousands of workers in many hundreds of places of work across numerous cities and towns, as well as broad rural areas.


Robert Graham’s Anarchism Weblog Topics:. During the congress, certain delegations ask very precise questions to the head of the Komintern and particularly Boukharin who, considering them peval embarrassing, orders the Red Guard to protect the tribune against the attacks of the “anarchist” syndicalists who dared ask the representatives of the Soviet workers accounts for their actions.

Part of a series on. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Galy wrote in the libertarian press under the name of “Lyg”.

The revolution also showed that without the competition bred by capitalism, industry can be run in a much levval rational manner. On December 23,in the afternoon, a group of Prague activists and activists conducted a direct action to support Rojava at the headquarters of the Turkish Embassy in the Czech Republic.

He became a member gastno the International but later gave up communism, became an anarchist and translated Bakunin in French.

I am convinced that this superiority would very soon manifest itself in a socialised society. To be is to do, Bakunin wrote. In gastin cases, in the Levante for instance, we have seen it start with distribution then proceed towards socialisation of production, which was the opposite procedure to most other places. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat Levl in that region the role of the Syndicate was often to become more important, both through direct participation and as inspirer and guide, which it was not in Aragon.

Gaston and a group of comrades climb on the tribune, demanding the withdrawal of the Red guard.