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THE purpose of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme is to provide the northern portion of the Gezira Plain with a plentiful supply of water for the purpose of cotton. This report examines how the design of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme has resolved many of the distribution problems still found in more recently. High potential of natural resources but low agricultural productivity are main characteristics of Gezira Irrigation Scheme in Sudan. Located in.

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The Atbra River is dry for practically the whole of this period.

Economic Analysis of Cotton Production in the Gezira Scheme: 19 | OMICS International

It was clear that the coefficient of variation for the three period differ significantly from one period to another, ranging from Agriculture in the Sudan depends on two principal sources of water: This is affected by the length of time and by the discount factor used.

It also included of almost prices of goods and services and remarkable deduction in Government subsidies and other procedures meant to liberalization the Sudanese economy to be in consistence with world economic and financial interactions Table 3.

The Gezira and Managil scheme, has been divided into 18 eighteen groups, 10 ten in the Gezira and 8 eight in the Managil extension. It was cultivated in Elgezira, Elrahad, and Elsuki.

Gezira Scheme – Wikipedia

Archived from the original on July 22, The average net incomes were The Gezira Scheme Arabic: The adoption rate for GE technology is the highest for any new technology in the agriculture industry.

In Sennar Dam was built and the Gezira Scheme came into being. The Gezira which means “island” is particularly suited to irrigation because the soil slopes away from the Blue Nile and water therefore naturally runs through the irrigation canals by gravity.


After an initial pilot scheme for cotton at Tayba, in the heart of the Gezira plain, the Sennar Dam was constructed on the Blue Nile in It found that the mean area allocated in this period for cotton productionFeddan, mean production amounted to 1, Kentar, average yield 4. Water resources management and irrigation by country.

Economic Analysis of Cotton Production in the Gezira Scheme: 19 70- 2004

The board of directors was assigned to the managerial tasks in a way that made the scheme operated efficiently. For practical purpose, now it includes only the triangle lying North of Sennar, Kosti railway, a gross area of some 5 million feddan [ 3 ].

The discount rate used is usually the opportunity cost of capital. A History of the Wellcome Trust This study is to investigate cotton production at the different phase of its history to update information and evaluate economic aspects of the cotton production in the Gezira scheme. Lack of required inputs at the right time. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gezira Scheme.

Sign in via your Institution Sign in. After many experiments with irrigation, 24 square kilometres 9.

Don’t already have an Oxford Academic account? If the project extends over several accounting periods, the values of the cost and benefits streams must be standardized to provide a proper basis for comparison. After harvest, cotton cultivated lands provides a rich posture for livestock. It seemed that its cultivation was transferred from India to west Asia to Africa. Another increase was of feddans was made in The rate for discounting is called the discount factor.

Rainfall was uncertain and before irrigation only shifting cultivation and nomadic grazing was possible. The map in Figure 1 Illustrates the Gezira and Managil irrigated area by groups and blocks. In agriculture directly accounted for Additionally, producers, on average, received positive net incomes in all years evaluated in this study with the exception of You must accept the terms and conditions.


Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. Fluctuation in prices, high cost of production irtigation direct and indirect taxes might have negatively affected farmer motivation. In the Sudan cotton is the most important cash crop and foreigncurrency earner. The partnership agreement regulated the duties and rights of each partner.

Most of the industries in the Sudan depend on it for example spinning, textile, oil, soap and paper industries. The individual account system: Also the greater the discount rate, the greater the difference will be between the value of a sum of money in two different periods.

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It was a challenged for everyone working in the field of production research to find ways and urrigation to improve yields. Joint account system geira a production gezirz system proposed to recover from the tenants all the costs of inputs and services provided by the scheme and other party [ 9 ]. The average net incomes net benefits was The challenges of GE technology include acceptability to the public, employment of the technology for creating non-existing combinations and improving yield [ 11 ].