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JOHN GITHONGO. Senior Associate Member Indeed, I completed this dossier in September after four and half months of steady work. John Githongo (born ) is a former Kenyan journalist who investigated bribery and fraud in . evidence’ in Kenya scandal (includes Meg PDF of Githongo’s dossier – a blockbuster); ^ “Kenya: Githongo Report”. focus .org. (C) Githongo’s belief that Ringera was part of the corruption problem was largely based on the latter’s unwillingness to be responsive to the dossier of.

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In our experience it is always possible to find a custom solution for even the most seemingly difficult situations.

In the majority of financing entities we found they did not exist. Early in the Kibaki administration, he traded on his contacts with members of Kibaki’s family probably without Kibaki’s knowledge to break into Kamani and Perera’s networks, and to insist on getting a cut from the security-related procurement scams the latter had become experts in engineering. Kiraitu said that Malik had informed him that the person who had really lent money to my father to purchase a piece of land in Kitisuru almost io years before was Anura Perera through Malik.

February 16, at 5: Mwiraria informed me that he had forwarded the latter to the President.

Cable: 06NAIROBI_a

This was despite the fact individuals like Hon. Act normal If you are a high-risk source, avoid githonngo anything or doing anything after submitting which might promote suspicion.

Nam sodales mi vitae dolor ullamcorper et vulputate enim accumsan. In turn, Wanjigi, the son of a former Minister and nephew of a Permanent Secretary already arrested for his involvement in Anglo Leasing, was the local middleman, channeling contracts and payments in both directions as the bogus dossler scams were consummated.

I added that I had heard of a range of other similar projects as well. Newsletters Keep up to date with the latest from our network: Euromarine Oceanographic vessel EUR This confirmation appears to have satisfied Ambassador Muthaura but the Government was met with overwhelming public scepticism when it was announced.

The Githongo Dossier – Kenya reacts to scandal

Corruption is also a major impediment to greater domestic and foreign investment in the Fithongo economy. How to contact WikiLeaks? Thethy’s primary job was the setting up of bogus companies for General Kibwana, Anura Perera and Deepak Kamani among others.


Tips for Sources After Submitting. I am willing to assist in any way you should direct in not only dealing with these issues but in contributing to the processes that will ensure they are not repeated in the future. Despite the evidence, Ringera has never followed through on the investigations into Murungi’s role in the mega-scandal.

S Reliable private sector contacts who have done business in Kenya for many years regularly cite Anura Perera as a long-standing corrupt dealmaker whose activities far pre-date the Anglo Leasing cases.

Kenya: Githongo Report

They forced the Ministry of Finance to suspend payments and order forensic audits on 18 secretive security-related procurement contracts that followed a very similar pattern to that found in the Anglo-Leasing cases. If you have a very large submission, or a submission with a complex format, or are a high-risk source, please contact us. This includes other media organisations. Oyula, the Financial Secretary, who had appeared some days before me had given the MPs a great amount of information that the Ministry of Finance had been reluctant to share with the KACC.

As made clear by Secretary Clinton during her August visit to Kenya, pressing for implementation of the reform agenda and dismantling Kenya’s culture of impunity is at the core of U. Stanley Murage called and told me that it was urgent that we spoke in the morning because the ‘transfer’ had not been sanctioned by the President. The second point, regarding the reappointment makes it clear that Ringera is entirely beholden to President Kibaki and those around the President, many of whom are linked to various forms of public corruption over a long period of time.

He repeated the bizarre story that he had told me the night before that someone had surreptitiously inserted my name into the wrong place in the President’s speech and therefore my transfer was not meant to have happened at all. One of the first things I did on that day was attend a meeting with Hon. Deepak Kamani and Mr.

I advised you, Sir, that we could charge the suspects in the case and that the only suspect missing was Anglo Leasing and Finance Company which had returned the ‘evidence’ of Ksh. The President will be impressed on ‘not to touch’ Murungaru.

I gave him a nine-point agenda including discussion of my department’s future and the ongoing security contracts audit by Mwai the Controller and Auditor General. Friday 18th June Your Excellency we met and discussed these issues at length on the 18th of June, He insisted that I should issue the final draft but I again refused – it was too ridiculous and I was convinced that Kenyans would laugh in my face.


Kenyatta stole not only land but had the audacity to mastermind a chain of bank robberies Kenya has never experienced…yet he routinely ordered trucks full of bank-notes from the CBK to State House. It was not clear who was following Githongo.

He told me he was in the process of preparing a parliamentary statement on the two Anglo Leasing projects for him to make in parliament the next day.

In addition, per ref b and the credible reporting of John Githongo, there is strong evidence that Justice Ringera is involved in planning violence to suppress those who would expose corruption and seek to act to halt it.

Kiraitu plainly that in xossier of my disagreement with Ambassador Muthaura it was unlikely that we would agree dodsier a single statement on corruption.

The “process” involved in Kibaki’s decision-making demonstrates that key players in the GOK hierarchy wanted to retain Ringera to avoid having to deal with a new and potentially effective KACC Director ref d.

On this matter Mwagazi concluded that the “Office of the President said that security suppliers operate mysteriously behind the shadows”. Key NGO reactions, aside from expressing opposition to the process of Ringera’s reappointment, called into question his performance and how it warranted reappointment.

Kenya: Githongo Report

S Kamani cut his teeth in a multi-million dollar contract to supply boilers to the Prisons Department in the early s. The resulting corruption has a direct impact on U. In he left that position, later accusing top ministers of large-scale fraud. If you face legal action If a legal action is brought against you as a result of your submission, there are organisations that may help you.

The beneficiaries include the most senior levels of the GOK. Include summary Include headers Include raw metadata. A brain’s friend or… Ghana, Burkina Faso and Togo g….