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Ranko Marinkovi 22 February 28 January was a Croatian novelist and dramatist Itheom tv kiklop ranko marinkovi Trailer 1 for gloria by ranko ma. Zagreb, then published articles on major Croatian writers such as Miroslav Krleza, Marin Držić, Tin Ujević and a translation of Ranko Marinković’s play Gloria. Contains Djordje Lebovic’, Hallelujah: Primoz Kozak, An Affair: Ranko Marinkovic , Gloria; Kole CaSule, Darkness; and Aleksandar Obrenovic, The Bird.

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Nonetheless, I felt that it made the greater part of the novel drag rather too much. Only inthe author brought out his first novel Cyclops Kiklop that became an immediate best-seller.

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Shared Bath and Never morecould equal this success. I have no choice but to surrender to the man-eating Cyclops, come what may.

Читать онлайн “Cyclops” автора Marinkovic Ranko – RuLit – Страница 148

Most characters in the novel are intellectuals and drifters whose often-lunatic behaviour inspires countless references to and quotations from novels, notably Russian and French classics, poetry, plays, especially Shakespearean ones, and films.

He wanders through Zagreb daydreaming and yearning mmarinkovi the woman he loves without hope or drinks heavily with friends.


Despite quite some important reservations, I still think that this Croatian classic deserves a recommendation.

I dare say that some sexist commonplaces will completely put off ardent feminists! This was now something he would have to live with.

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When he returns home, life in Zagreb goes its usual way and Melkior soon resumes wandering through the city absorbed in thoughts and daydreams. Behind closed shutters cautious matches were struck, papers burned in stoves, things piled into suitcases: Most legendary creatures are archetypical manifestations of certain aspects of human nature, good or evil, and the myths surrounding them represent a general idea of the world, i. Like other young men he must expect being called up any time, but although patriotic, the intellectual glria to avoid national service systematically reducing his body to bones and skin.

In a nutshell, it is an unusually challenging novel that requires a lot of glodia and knowledge to grasp enough of the allusions to enjoy it. Newer Post Older Post Home. The story of Cyclops begins in autumn with World War II raging far beyond ,arinkovi Yugoslav borders that everybody fears to be run over.

All the while he kept writing above all short stories and plays. Croatiain February Eingestellt von Edith LaGraziana um At the same time, the quirkiness of virtually every character in the book impressed and amused me.


Classical education made many of them household names and so, they found their way quite naturally into literature as allegorical figures or less easily explainable symbols. He hurries after him, but a stranger with an open newspaper glloria him into a conversation inspired by a passing tram and the headline about another terrible air raid on London.

Post a Comment Dear anonymous spammers: The virtual lack of a relevant plot that would fill the days between autumn and spring with activity and sense perfectly mirrors the numbed state of mind not only of the protagonist, but also of his fellow-citizens. Friday, 21 September Book Review: The acclaimed short-story collection Ruke tr.

As it turns out, the middle-aged man has been to the Mobilization Office in the morning. In addition, the novel is rich in powerful imagery. At last, he receives his call-up papers and finds himself at the mercy of a cruel sergeant. Not knowing Croatian, I read the English translation that is spattered with rather seldom used English words and with interjections in French, Italian, Latin, occasionally German and other languages, too.

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