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The majority of French walkers start in Calenzana, simply because this is how the original topo was written. The villages at the two extremes of the trail are. Hike with the GR20 throughout Upper Corsica from Calenzana to Vizzavona. the beacons all along your hike and to bring you the FFRandonnee topo-guide. GR20 – Distance: km – Elevation: hm – Location: Sainte-Lucie de Porto-Vecchio / Corse / France – Wandermap is one of the largest collections of.

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The Book Depository United Kingdom Negative Prices ate refuges are not serious Hi Michele – sorry if im being useless but can you please provide a link to the printable maps? You really need to be physically fit and capable of ascending and descending over rocky terrain all day long with a back pack on.

The locals were amazing and greeted you like one of the family. The huts are here, the stages of the trail are described, GPS files for download, and explained is how you can get there and around. And if i wish to do so, could i spend only days on a part of the trail…or are there other hiking trails in corsica that are better suited for beginners who want to witness breathtaking views? Maybe you don’t mind; fine for you.

Negative very expensive to buy food at the refuges. Get comfortable with your equipment! This can lead to accidents, soles being duck taped together and foot injuries. I would think that a major factor for determining the sense of your trek would be which flights and airports you find the best prices for.


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Looking on the map you will be surprised why you need two weeks to cover this small distance. Planning sleep in own tent. Day to day report and good pictures. Excellent page, start your preparation here.

Print your offline route guide!

Therefore, you have to carry food gf20 a week. GR20Calenzana – Conca, the travers of Corsica, km, two weeks. All the best for your trip! In regards to shorter hikes in the Dolomites, consider basing yourself in Dobbiaco for a few days.

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Hi Blake, It all depends on the year. Hey Amanda, Some of the sections are quite exposed and there is a bit of scrambling involved.

Negative Took me 4 weeks to recover my knee caps, though this is more about my not being physically prepared enough for the venture. Whenever necessary, you will find cables. Do the GR20 with a local specialist Reservation of refuges toop meals, guided treks, self guided, tailor made itineraries, different levels of comfort, with backpack or lightened sack.

Landscapes are amazing and change a lot between the North part and the South part of the island. However, it is necessary to take into account the weather in Corsica guidde of late neve because the route takes place at meters of altitude and the trail can go from rock bars to stone, etc.

Chuck your old shoes out! We doubled up the stages so each day was between hours of walking. Just ignore and close them. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Login or register to post comments. I believe gude are a few online sites but if someone has the ISBN code or an exact title of the ones I need I can search them myslef.


Hi again Ben, It’s certainly none of my business but I’m kind of puzzled as to why you want to buy big maps when you can have them for free from the link in my blog. One point on the downside must be noted here: Actually, if you don’t like to descent to villages for provisions, you have only one shop halfway, in Vizzavona.

I will have my phone but it wont be able to access any data as I am not setting it on roaming as the company I am with is horrendously expensive. Negative very expensive to buy food at the refuges.

I can only see gpx files – they are not printable It was a very good alternative to expensive traditional maps: This hike follows the GR20, but with interesting variants. Facts Discover the great GR20 trek in Corsica.

Once there, you can travel: Negative Prices ate refuges are not serious Cicerone Press United Kingdom PS I know zippyshare will try to open some ad pages. Goldwine Juillet Evaluation 8 Positive We did the entire km hike in 7 days instead of P4 airport Bordeaux from GR20 is marked over the entire trail and the positions of the Refuges etc. From onwards a reservation system has been introduced, also for camping. In short too many rules now I walk to get away from all that