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Complete scans of all volumes of SGA with the exception of SGA 5 which is here, Algébrique (FGA) – A collection of Grothendieck’s Bourbaki Seminar exposés. book “Revetements Etales et Groupe Fondamental”, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, , Springer-Verlag, , by Alexander Grothendieck et al. In French. Préfaisceaux, par A. Grothendieck et J.-L. Verdier: (original, réédition); Topologies et faisceaux, par J.-L. Verdier: (original, réédition); Fonctorialité des.

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Sign up using Facebook. If I had had the courage to go to it instead of learning from Hartshorne’s alone, I would have been much more happy. Post as a guest Name. But I think their presence has driven grothendifck away from algebraic geometry, because they give a misleading impression of the flavor of the subject. Much of what I might say was already gorthendieck by Matt Emerton. But this isn’t a cause of them being able to do the kind of work they do; it is an effect.

Their writing is roughly synonymous with the founding of modern algebraic geometry as a field. And then they usually prefer EGA to other expository books. Then you revisit the same topics and, with your new and better perspective, you appreciate more of it.

Sorry, I misunderstood your original remark. The style is very abstract and makes heavy use of category theory. Sign up or log in Sign up using Grothendifck.

Seminaire de Geometrie Algebrique

Thus it seems worthwhile to mention that, while non-Noetherian schemes arise naturally in certain contexts as Kevin Buzzard noted in a comment on David Levahi’s answerI think these contexts are pretty uncommon unless one is doing a certain style of arithmetic geometry. Here is a list of what you must cover: At the time I write this, there are a number of wise words already written here, so I’ll add just incremental thoughts. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Last revised on April 22, at Those who can quote chapter and verse of EGA are the best suited to doing algebraic geometry. As a first step, the entire work was scanned and made available on-line see the links section below by Frank Calegari, Jim Borger and William Stein.


Grotyendieck up using Email and Password. Deligne once looked at a paper of mine and said “you’d better not assume Noetherian in this lemma or there will be problems later”. But I think the fundamentals of the field are more broad and shallow than narrow and grohendieck.

Silverman Fulton’s intersection theory. He strongly suggested to finish all the exercises in Hartshorne but not read Hartshorne.

One thing that always drove me crazy about EGA was the excessive back referencing. Grohtendieck response to a similar question asked on Terry Tao’s blog, I posted the following advice: These were published as the seminar proceeded, beginning in the early 60’s and continuing through most of the decade.

Email Required, but never shown. Some will read them later as they need facts, and will realize how beautiful they are. He has also written synopses of the earlier sections. And there it all was: But one thing to remember is that many very clever people have pored over the details of EGA and SGA for many years now, and it so it is going to be hard for anyone to find interesting new results that can be obtained just by applying the ideas from these sources alone as important as those ideas are.

In fact, we can learn most part of these materials from his lecture course and even more categorical since he is framework maker for NCAG which is based on categoryIt is really a happy experience However, he said it was better to listen not to read.

First you skim the subjects to have a general idea and to orient yourself. But this is less true than a generation ago. Some book about curves my preference is ACGH, but there are many options some book about surfaces e.


I needed some facts concerning differential operators for my PhD thesis. You have to give them the key to enter there, explain to them the basic language. The material has a reputation of being hard to read for a number of reasons. We plan to list here the grand plan and some remarks and links. You can find a handful of abortive attempts at translating EGA around the internet. Matt, I fully agree! Grotuendieck I need to know where something is, I just ask someone.

I also read some of Weil’s foundations, as well as books of Lang and some of Zariski’s papers, which helped give an appreciation of other perspectives. In grotbendieck s it became obvious grothensieck the lack of availability of the SGA was becoming more and more of a problem to researchers and graduate students in algebraic geometry: Then you start working on a concrete research problem and you learn the tools to deal with it and your immediate algebro-geometric neighborhood.

number theory – Translation for EGA/SGA – Mathematics Stack Exchange

In my opinion, the only and the only one way to learn Algebraic geometry is Grothendieck’s EGA, because I have already examined most of all the other sources. However, I have a hard time with this point too: Grothendieck outlined what was meant to be in chapters V-VII, at least, and some handwritten prenotes existed for a small part of those.

Moreover, an attempt was made to achieve maximally general statements, while assuming that the reader is aware of the motivations and concrete examples. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I think EGAs and SGAs are frothendieck useful for “students of today” but they are indispensable for “researchers of today”, and yrothendieck.

The published part of EGA is in Publ.