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In our blog you will find the information about Hippodamus of Miletus, his city plans and the famous cities established according to his plan. According to Aristotle, Hippodamus of Miletus directed the rebuilding of the Plato and Aristotle in the field of political theory, Hippodamus is an interesting. Hippodamus of Miletos (or Hippodamos, Greek: Ἱππόδαμος ο Μιλήσιος) ( BC — BC) was an ancient Greek architect, urban planner, physician.

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The thickness of the wall should, in my opinion, be such that armed men meeting on top of it may pass one another without interference.

Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston, for bringing the story of Hippodamus to my attention. Hippodamus lived in the fifth century B. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

Hippodamus |

Aristotle criticized the practical utilitarian approach of Hippodamus and implicated the inherent tension in rewarding individuals for doing good; i. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

In the magnificent and spacious Grecian city of Ephesus an ancient law was made by the ancestors of the inhabitants, hard indeed in its nature, but nevertheless equitable.

This done, he cut an opening from a lake into the sea, and thus made of the lake a harbour for the town. That they may be always dry and not muddy, the following is to be done. The herb is therefore gathered and used as a medicine for the cure of splenetic people. First comes the choice of a very healthy site.

Hippodamus of Miletus

Next to this xystus and to the double colonnade should be laid out the uncovered walks into which, in fair weather during the winter, the athletes come out from the xystus for exercise. Bibliography Castagnoli; Greco et al. Cities and Fractal Geometry. Modern Language Association http: As to the magistrates, he would have them all elected by the people, that is, by the three classes already mentioned, and those who were elected were to watch over the interests of the public, of strangers, and of orphans.


An Unabridged Reprint of the Edition. If the livers of the first victims were dark-coloured or abnormal, they sacrificed others, to see whether the fault was due to disease or their food.

This question involves another. Let A be the centre of a plane surface, and B the point to which the shadow of the gnomon reaches in the morning.

Town (or Urban) Planning in ancient Greece

He also planned the city of Rhodes and went with the Athenian colonists to replan c. Hippodamus arranged the buildings and the streets of Miletus around BC such that the winds from the mountains and the sea close to Miletus could flow optimal through the city and provide a cooling during the hot summer.

In the afternoon watch the shadow of your gnomon as it lengthens, and when it once more touches the circumference of this circle and the shadow in the afternoon is equal in length to that of the morning, mark it with a point.

Having laid these two foundations at this distance from one another, build cross walls between them, uniting the outer and inner foundation, in a comb-like arrangement, set like the teeth of a saw. If, again, there are to be other cultivators distinct both from the husbandmen, who have land of their own, and from the warriors, they will make a fourth class, which has no place in the state and no share in anything.

He evidently had a reputation as a lover of attention. The Greeks were the first to use solar architecture They oriented their houses to make use of the sun during winter, while obscuring its rays during summer and entire cities were built this way as early as BC.


It was about creating an environment that expressed and nurtured the ideals of its citizens. Martin ; Placzek ed. Further, what use are farmers to the city?

In truth, the spaces in the air have precisely the form of a furnace. He only is guilty of perjury who thinks that the defendant ought not to pay twenty minae, and yet condemns him. Aristotle objected that at least part of every city should preserve the haphazard arrangement of earlier times to make it more difficult for invaders to fight their way in.

Proper sites should be set apart for the precincts of the other gods moletus to the nature of the sacrifices offered to them.

hellenic period: Hippodamus of Miletus

Click here for audio of Episode Or, if the same persons are to cultivate their own lands, and those of the hippoeamus as well, they will have difficulty in supplying the quantity of produce which will maintain two households: There is not much else. His direct involvement in these cases remains unproven, but his name remains permanently associated with this type of plan that we call Hippodamian.

Rational town planning, with straight streets intersecting to form hippocamus city blocks, had just been popularized in Greece by the architect Hippodamus.

Wind is a flowing wave of air, moving hither and thither indefinitely.