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The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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The work of nutritionists emphasizes the social, economic, cultural, and psychological implications of food usually associated with public health care services or with food assistance and research activities.

Information Systems Work that involves developing, delivering, managing, and maintaining HR information systems when the paramount knowledge requirement is human resources management, rather than information technology. Not valid for submission to the U. Work in this series does not require full professional knowledge equivalent to that represented by completion of a bachelors degree in hydrology.

It also requires knowledge of methods and techniques to prevent environmental and mechanical damage during handling, shipping, and storage. The work includes one or more phases of material management including initial planning, provisioning and requirements determination, acquisition and distribution, accountability, and ultimate issue for consumption, retention, or disposal. They evaluate patients for muscle strength, endurance, coordination, and balance; provide individual or group instruction for physical reconditioning or for resocialization of patients; and devise adaptations of equipment to meet the specific needs of patients.

The work requires artistic ability, the skill to draw freehand or with drawing instruments, and the ability to use art media such as pen-and-ink, pencils, tempera, acrylics, oils, wash, watercolor, pastels, air brush, or computer-generated graphics.

Positions in this series have as their paramount requirement the knowledge and application of correctional skills and techniques. The work performed concerns, and requires a practical knowledge of, market structure and trends, competitive relationships, retail and wholesale trade practices, distribution channels and costs, business financing and credit practices, trade restrictions and controls, and principles of advertising and consumer motivation.

Work in this series requires knowledge of the field of labor-management relations, of collective bargaining processes, of applicable labor laws and precedent decisions, and of the regulations, policies and practices of the National Labor Relations Board.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

Duties require knowledge of aseptic techniques and sterilization practices; the care, functioning, and uses of supplies, equipment, sets, and instruments; and methods for the preparation, storage, and issue of sterile and nonsterile medical supplies and the maintenance of adequate stock levels.

The reports of findings of tests and examinations may be used by physicians in diagnosis, care and treatment of patients, or in support of medical research. The work requires broad administrative knowledge of the operation and maintenance requirements of cemeteries.

This includes interpreting program requirements and formulating policies, methods, and procedures; monitoring, reviewing, evaluating, and assessing the integrity and quality of program operations; preparing and analyzing health fedcpass data related to the programs; and performing other vov activities.


Office of Personnel Management 86 Public Utilities Specialist Series This series covers positions that require application of knowledge concerning the business practices, rate structures, and operating characteristics of public utilities, in carrying bttp such functions as: Performance Management Work that involves assisting managers and supervisors in establishing, maintaining, and monitoring effective performance management programs to plan, monitor, develop, rate, and reward employee performance and services that support formal and informal award programs to provide employee incentives and recognition.

The work requires a knowledge of real estate laws, principles, practices, and markets. Included are those positions concerned with the development, preparation, issuance, and interpretation of policies, methods, and procedures for the conduct of such programs; and also those positions that involve representing the programs before the general public and determining eligibility for hov when the work requires the ability to deal effectively with the general public.

This work requires a fundamental background in chemistry, physics, and mathematics and appropriate knowledge in the field of oceanography. These positions require a practical knowledge of the principles and techniques of geodesy particularly as they relate to the identity, reliability, and usefulness of geodetic control data.

Classification Work that involves support of position classification programs and functions. Some positions require application of a substantive knowledge of agency policies, programs, and requirements in fields such as personnel management or environmental protection. These duties require the application of knowledge concerning administrative or clerical procedures and operations peculiar to the collection, production, or dissemination of intelligence information.

gpv This requires practical knowledge of meteorological equipment, principles, and methods, as well as skill in collecting data, making observations, forecasting weather, and verifying data. These positions require a basic knowledge and understanding feedclass one or more of the natural or social sciences, engineering, or military science, but do not demand, as a primary qualification requirement, full knowledge of the current state of the art.

Positions in this series do not have either a paramount requirement of professional knowledge and training in the field of education, or mastery of a trade, craft, or laboring occupation. Some positions involve the evaluation of drug proposals submitted by private industry and the surveillance of marketed drugs for safety and efficacy.

The work requires the development, analysis, and selection of appropriate information and presentation of the information in a form and at a level suitable for the intended audience. Sociologists are concerned primarily with the study of patterns of group and organizational behavior, social interaction, and social situations in which interaction occurs. This work requires knowledge of standardized processing and collection procedures to record tax information and knowledge of applicable portions of tax laws and tax rulings to accept, request proof of or reject a variety of taxpayer claims, credits and deductions.

The work requires the ability to plan, organize, and direct the work of writers, editors, actors, narrators, musicians, set designers, audio and lighting technicians, camera operators, and other associated technical personnel to produce, select, and arrange the actions, sounds, and visual effects required for the finished production.


The work involves routing the calls to their proper destinations and providing telephone and organizational information to callers. This includes the following: This occupation requires knowledge of packaging and preservation methods, material, regulations, specifications, and guidelines.

Positions in this occupation require full professional knowledge and application of meteorological methods, techniques, and theory. Systems Analysis Work that involves applying analytical processes to the planning, design, and implementation of new and improved information systems to meet the business requirements of customer organizations. These positions require a broad knowledge of any one or a combination of the health, agricultural, physical or biological sciences sufficient to understand the basic concepts, principles, methods, and techniques of environmental health; and a practical knowledge of health laws, rules, and regulations.

Physical science technicians perform technical work in such fields as astronomy, chemistry, geology, physics, geophysics, health physics, metallurgy, and oceanography for which a specific technician series has not been established.

Excluded from this series are positions that are specifically covered by a more specialized technical series. It requires a knowledge of the principles and techniques of industrial engineering and practical knowledge of pertinent industrial and related work processes, facilities, methods, and equipment.

Government Life Insurance, as well as other Veterans Administration administered benefits. The major objectives of the work are to assess customs duties and associated taxes to be paid on imported merchandise, and to ensure compliance with related laws and regulations.

The work requires a practical knowledge of marketing functions and practices, including, for example, a knowledge of or experience with: The work requires knowledge of learning theory and the principles, methods, practices and techniques of one or more specialties of the instructional systems field.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

These positions do not require full professional knowledge in one or more of the social or behavioral sciences or regular application of the theories, principles, and practices of these disciplines. Positions in this occupation require a variety of housing management and administrative knowledge and related practical skills and abilities in such housing activities as: In addition to a high degree of analytical ability, positions in this series require specialized knowledge of the basic principles and practices related to the management of health care delivery systems.

Applications Software Work that involves the design, fwdclass, development, modification, testing, installation, implementation, and support of new or existing applications software. Job grading standards provide grading criteria for trade, craft, and labor positions classified under the Federal Wage System. This involves functions such as park conservation; natural, historical, and fedclas resource management; and the development and operation of interpretive and recreational programs om the benefit of the visiting public.