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Il Viaggio di Reims (libretto). Uploaded by rachellelagrange Libretto of the opera ‘Il Viaggio a Reims’ by Gioacchino Antonio Rossini, with English. A group of European aristocrats planning to attend Charles X’s coronation in Reims, await their departure at the Giglio d’oro. Madama Cortese, the director of the. Il viaggio a Reims, dramma giocoso in one act to a libretto by Luigi Balocchi, was first performed at the Théâtre Italien, Paris, on 19th June The singers in.

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The Baron has engaged a travelling company to provide entertainment with singing and dancing.

Rossini Il viaggio a Reims

Scatole e scatoline, con scrigni e cassettine, che i bei tesor nascondono sacri alla Dea d’amor. What gives Il viaggio a Reims a further decisive dimension, invoking the new romanticism and the possibilities of the parodying of that vague, is the fact that Balocchi’s libretto is an elaborate appropriation of, and partial satire on, Mme de Stael’s Corinnea remarkable travelogue-cum-autobiography-cum-romantic fantasy centred on Corinne, one of the famous improvising singers of the new Romantic age.

Il viaggio a Reims Story. La reverencia, tanto al salir como al entrar. Inthe Royal Opera, London gave several performances: Other performances have followed. Madama Cortese is worried about the late return of Zefirino, the messenger whom she has sent in search of horses for the journey, and she also makes some pithy observations about a case of true love, reciprocal but not openly declared, between her English guest, Lord Sidney, and Corinna.


Le inservienti de’ bagni partono.

The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music. Cada lbiretto es menos complaciente a la hora de inventarse vjaggio excusa. The manager, Antonio, learns from Maddalena, the housekeeper, that the Baron has engaged a band of travelling dancers and musicians, who happened to be passing that way, to amuse the company; soon afterwards these come on, opening the festivities with their dancing and singing.

Tutti partono, eccetto Madama Cortese.

Retrieved from ” https: Se la Contessa il sa, gli cava gli remis. Time and again, it comes as a revelation to here even the Ory numbers in their original garb.

It is for this reason that Rossini is more or less simultaneously planned to dismantle one of his finest scores. In the nature of things, coronations don’t libertto every week and the apostrophization of Charles X is central to the design.

Il viaggio a Reims – Synopsis

International summitry was, and is, more in vogue; but even here we are left with the problem of the expense of mounting a work designed as a shwocase for a remarkable array of top international singers. There is a delicious duet, unaccountably missing from Le Comte Oryfor Libenskof and Melibea; a duet whose deft, viaggo cabaletta must viagguo as one aa the most engaging of all Rossini’s inventions; and Raimondi has his witty disquisition on international types, a piece—forerunner of many numbers in Sullivan—which is heard to better effect here than in Robert’s description of his voyage through the Fourmoutiers cellars in Le Comte Ory where the prosody is less exact.


Folleville invites them all to Paris, offering to accommodate them for the occasion, and all rejoice in this unexpected twist of fate. Voi non mi rispondete? The company reels with horror.

Dissertazione classica sui nuovi effetti armonici, onde librstto portenti anfionici ridesteran stupor. Profondo is joined by Corinna and her companion Delia. Este furor es demasiado injusto. At the price, it is irresistible. Parece como si lo estuviera viendo Four strolling players, chorus of countrymen and women, gardeners, hotel staff, dancers, servants.

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Il Viaggio a Reims | Giaochino Rossini |

After agreeing with the Baron the arrangements for party’s departure in the evening, Antonio leaves. Otello, ossia Il Moro di Venezia. Ma tempo non perdiamo; del Barone or qui deggio eseguir la commissione.

Messa di Gloria Stabat materPetite messe solennelle Cade a un tratto in ginocchio davanti a Corinna.