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Enciclomedia fue la política prioritaria de la Secretaría de Educación es la enseñanzas de un segundo idioma, en este caso el idioma inglés. Title: Ingles 1, Author: Johana Aguilar, Name: Ingles 1, Length: 6 Cover of “guia para el maestro ingles enciclomedia nivel 1 volumen 1(1). Montes Medina and Cantera Martínez () conducted a critical analysis of Inglés Enciclomedia, one of the first attempts of the Mexican government to bring .

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The fiscal organization of the program must be resolved so teachers who sign a contract and teach their classes have at minimum the security of knowing when and for how much their paycheck will be received.

Several weeks before the full report was released, the results of the Sorry study were reported by the media. With ingls integration of English in the secundaria middle school grades into the PNIEB inand the extension of compulsory education through high school, Mexico has become the first country in Latin America to include English throughout all thirteen years of the K public school curriculum.

Recuperado el 28 de febrero de L2 Journal 7 3 I agree wholeheartedly with this altruistic sentiment, but I cannot see where the EUCIS instrument has even a remote connection to telling us what students know about intercultural dialogue or accessing information.

Foundations for Teaching English Language Learners: The main instrument seems to have serious validity issues, and the premise of the argument — making claims about the PNIEB program based on an evaluation of high school students who never studied in the PNIEB — is disingenuous.

He suggests, probably correctly, that given the political climate in Mexico if they had waited to begin the program until everything was in place and ready and all the teachers were prepared, the PNIEB would never have been started.


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During the economic crisis in the United States, many migrant families returned Mexico with the children. UpdateStar 10 offers you invles time-saving, one-stop information place for your software setup and makes your computer enciclokedia more secure and productive. The authors are right to question whether the English program really can contribute to greater social equality Sayer, More Maestro Virtual de Ingles 1.

More UpdateStar Premium Edition The practices and challenges of implementing a national language education program.

However, it also seems that c inbles maybe to some extent a could be appropriate. However, making a commentary as I am doing so here to express an opinion, and having the audience understand that you are expressing your opinion about the policy, enciclomedoa markedly different than using fake social science research to dress up a political agenda and try to score political points.

Figure 3 shows an example of a question from the test provided in the report, again in infographic form.

The arguments are beautifully laid out and the data and findings are clearly presented so as to be understood by the general public.

These are fine ideas discounting factual errors such as the claim on p.

Although I have no graphic design skills and, in fact, no real data, I can create a compelling statement. Again, this is an issue of construct validity. Reprobado — the authors of the Sorry report should use their influence to contribute to building the educational structures that will allow the program to be successful.

Home Updates Recent Searches enciclomedia ingles descargar. And when someone purposefully uses research to make a political point, it stops being research and becomes propaganda.

México, DF

Since the students were in high school, between years old when they were tested, none of the students could have possibly studied in the PNIEB, which started inmuch less enciclomfdia actually passed through all the levels starting from kindergarten up to sixth grade of primary school. It is unclear what linguistic ability is being tested, but it is presumably reading comprehension.


In many states, qualified individuals with degrees from the autonomous universities have difficulty getting PNIEB positions because they are not graduates of the Normales. Although encivlomedia curriculum had not changed and the program was essentially the same except for a name change, the move generated significant confusion amongst the public and PNIEB teachers as to whether the program would continue or not.

It is also unfortunate because despite its flaws the report has some important things to say about language education in Mexico. They state their ingoes dramatically: But the project the report is based on is seriously flawed for three main reasons.

Inglés Enciclomedia: A Ground-Breaking Program for Young Mexican Children?

We should also contribute to the public debate about the PNIEB by adding our own voices to the discussion, as I hope this commentary article has done.

While the report does contain some insights and represents an important policy document for English language enciclomedis in Mexico, the main goal of the report was to make a political statement rather than produce objective educational research.

In what follows, I will respond to the Sorry report, and in particular its smoke-and-mirrors approach to critiquing the program.