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Lid closing still doesn’t switch off LCD screen so sleep mode still quite useless. . Patch used: JaS a Generic Patch vb PPF. Natvie install with a JaS a Patch Vb patched iso image file. . Method: Native install with with JaS a Generic Patch vb. Kernel Panic with patch , a in native install. (((Try the JaS a Generic Patch vb is might help these issues))) (((wesley Patch has.

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Belkin adapter has an obtuse application you have to run at startup that establishes wireless connectivity. Full instructions for upgrading to Some mouse dropping artifacts on scrolling screens, nothing major. You cannot use a PC Card either because there is no driver for the cardbus.

HCL /Incompatible – OSx86

Running at x, dual display works. Dell Wireless not recognized, but oddly was recognized at the tail end of the install. DVD Player crashes, as does the screensaver preferences dialog. Boots perfectly from DVD, installs without any problems. Run great and fast with the version Update by jws I was able to get the onboard audio working by adding 0x27de to my ktext.

There are some artifacts with the video. Check out the upper menu for that. WebCam is not regonized. When I rebooted it began to install OSX without problems.


HCL /Portables – OSx86

The Function keys doesnt seems to work. Have to manually remove the kexts. Posted December 8, Kernel Panic with patch 1. Need manually type in Mac address of the network card in order to get DHCP because the driver can’t automatically detect it. USB and sound works. This machine has been heavily modified from Dell spec, but still contains the original motherboard and processor, which seem to work fine. AC97 Audio works fine. No works Matshita UJ, lan ,sound. Video to x 75 with the video faq. Please list your computers in alphabetical order by manufacturer Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, etc For how to edit the Wiki, please see this thread.

No problems with MiniPCI as with Had to download iTunes and Quicktime in Windows and renew the files in OsX because of ‘subscription expiration’ issues. The FireWire port on the card is properly sensed and working. Audio works with onboard audio. Audio is now working.

Built in NIC does not work. Even DVD burner support, iLife ’06 and iWork ’06 were running with the installer which wouldn’t work before with I encounterd a lot of problems with the dvd-rom drive so i used a usb external dvd-drive to install.

Everything as far as I can tell works, Sound in particular is of very high quality, no extra drivers needed, However OS X86 absolutely refuses to boot if one of the partitions is Windows XP, but boots fine with Windows on one of the partitions.


Video works off of Vesa currently. Installing the kext found in one of the ALPS development threads disables keyboard and trackpad. Set left to channel 3 and right to channel 6. Also the first sold like mine works. Dell dimension P4 3.

You will need to download this iso and use it. Reboot and then mouse and keyboard should work. Go get the I lost QE for my graphics. On board sound does not work, even with AppleAC97Audio.

Please remember do not add any virtual USB hardware in VMware otherwise you will not able to start the installation. QE and CI work, get xx32 if I modify com. Installed from widely available image: This page has been accessedtimes. All dates shown on drivers as well as hexadecimal codes are technical details revealed by Gateway’s system scanner.

Select 6 channel 6chbit and click Configure Speakers. Reboot from dvd plist not found.

1111A generic patch final zip

I no longer have a widescreen resolution–there is a different matching scheme with kexts I believe. So i dunno what thats all about. Ofcourse, it only operates in VMWare because of the virtual hardware. Sound works, mute, volume buttons work too.